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Top 7 offbeat things to do in Goa during monsoons – Goa beyond beaches

The monsoons may have been considered as the offbeat season for Goa’s tourism, but the golden opportunity to experience the true essence of Goa’s nature is best done only during the monsoons. So what if the beaches are not recommended or the watersports are halted? There’s a lot more to Goa than just the shores, clubs and watersports. Check out the top 7 offbeat things to do during the monsoons of Goa. Your trip will definitely be a memorable one. 

7. White Water rafting in Mhadei river

Image courtesy: Radak adventure

Since Goa is on the coastline of Arabian sea, it receives a huge amount of gushy rainfall for around 3-4 months. This is why we find comfort in the natural habitat of Goa’s love. It is an adventure packed sporty ride. Goa’s monsoons heartily welcome their customers to join in the white water rafting. Rafting at the Mhadei river is especially enchanting, because the Mahavir Wildlife sanctuary grabs you into the wild. 

… You do not have to worry about your safety, because all of the necessary precautions are handled.  

6. Explore the secluded areas

Explore the beauty of monsoons in Goa by keeping Salim Ali’s Bird Sanctuary as a priority in your things to do list. Here, you are assured to find several species of flora and fauna which are otherwise not found in the ever known cities and towns of Goa. During this season, a lot of migratory birds pay a visit to Goa’s land. Therefore, make a wise choice and do not miss your chance to vibe with our wild friends😉

5. Participate in the Chikal Kalo festival

Image courtesy: My Goa

This Mud Bath festival is an opportunity for all those people who want to bring out your real self, keeping your classy lifestyle at the side ‘coz here, you are gonna enjoy every moment bathing yourself in the muddy fields of Goa. This is a festival which is performed only in the month of August in the village of Marcel. The young men get into the fields and play with the Chikal of Mother Earth. Later, to add more fun to it, several local games too are played. 

it’s indeed fun to bathe in these kinds of muddy water. 

4. Trek towards Valpoi waterfalls!

Trekking during the monsoons is one of the adventurous things one cannot afford to miss out on in their to do list. It’s a two-hour trek through the forested area that introduces you to several wildlife species (beware of snakes). The Valpoi waterfall is a secluded area, unknown to most tourists and hence, it’s a marvelous beauty to admire. Get your gang ready, with all the equipments needed during the trek and do not forget to carry odomos as well😅. 

… Carrying salt could be a great help to stay away from leeches! 

3. A bicycle 🚴‍♀️ ride into the evergreen Divar Island

A long ride on a bicycle into the greens of the island of Divar will be a refreshing thing to do during the monsoons of Goa. Not just that, but in fact you’ll also get a ride on the ferry – a waterway transport that collects people from Old Goa and drops them straight to Divar. There are a lot of picturesque structures on the island that’ll help you relax and fall in love with the scenery. 

… You can also attend the Bonderam festival which is a grand celebration of the Divar natives

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2. Chorla Ghats – A drive one can never forget

Image courtesy: Adventure with rosh

Chorla ghats are one of those places in Goa which remain untouched by evil eyes and have a good ecology that is a home to many wildlife species. A drive on the Chorla ghats creates an adventurous vibe to all the explorers. It’s a place preferred by backpackers and nature enthusiasts who prefer this place that is away from the touristy crowd. 

… The mini waterfalls on the way makes it a mystic place perfect for a romantic couple photoshoot

1. Photoshoots amidst Goa’s adventurous beauty

Image courtesy: Lokaso Photoshoot

The mysterious love hidden in Goa’s atmosphere is beautiful if captured in a photoshoot. The dark clouds that gather in the sky, creates a lovable ambience, thus bringing out a romantic vibe. Under the rains and amidst the picturesque greens, all kinds of people can embrace themselves in a monsoon photoshoot. 

Whether you are a lone backpacker, a nature enthusiast or a honeymoon couple, Goa’s monsoons welcome you to plan an exciting vacation into its nourishment and love. Therefore pack your bags and enjoy this year’s monsoons. 

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