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Top 7 things to remember during your honeymoon trip to Dubai

Dubai is not just known to be the best shopping center especially for gold but is also a rich state that is a home to several modern architectural structures. It’s been on the bucket-list of many honeymoon couples for obvious reasons. However, to enjoy your trip to the fullest, you may need to keep a few things in mind. Here’s a list of the top 7 things to remember during your honeymoon trip to Dubai.  

7. The temperatures of Dubai could rise really high!

Since the city is located in a desert, it tends to get extremely hot especially during the summers. While the winters are considered fairly cooler with a range of 20-25° it abruptly rises in the later months until August. Hence, most tourists prefer visiting Dubai in the winters, where the vibe is lively, it’s a season full of festivities and fun activities to enjoy. Considering these factors, book your dates accordingly. 

Fact: The Summers of Dubai are budget friendly since they are low on tourism, but a geyser might not be required due to rise in temperatures. 

6. Follow the rules of the city!

Drinking alcohol is allowed at pubs or bars. However, showcasing your street style dance moves while intoxicated is definitely banned. This could also lead you behind bars. Moreover, since the citizens of Dubai have zero tolerance towards drugs, you may need to carry a prescription if any of you are under medication. Better to stay alert.  

5. PDA shouldn’t even be a word in your dictionary!

Image Credits: Lokaso Photoshoot

Whether you’re an unmarried couple or a married one, doesn’t matter, ‘coz PDA is not at all allowed. But since it’s going to be your honeymoon trip, you can get a little cozy at private resorts where the crowd is mostly full of tourists. Respecting the culture and following the norms should be our priority. 

Please note: A wedding proof may be needed while booking a room for your stay. 

4. Choose your shopping centers carefully!

Well, we all are sure fans for shopping, especially in Dubai. There’s an abundance of shopping centers that attract a huge crowd of shopaholics. However, here’s a tip you ought to remember. Buying international brands in Dubai will be comparatively expensive due to a huge load on taxes. Hence, look out for Dubai-based products that are authentic and classy as well. 

3. Learn a few useful phrases for communication

It sounds really funny when you see your partner fumble in a language unknown to you two. But knowing the basic phrases needed for communication is mandatory especially when you two are alone without a guide. Hence, here’s a list of commonly needed words you will need to memorize to have a smooth communication with the locals. 

Check out for the right pronunciations before creating your own😅

Resort – Malja

Restaurant – Mateam

Please – Min Fadlak

Thank You – Shukran

Yes – Na’am / Aiywa 

No – La’  

Public transport – al naql alemu

Fact: While you learn these new phrases, try to forget the swear words or habits you do in your daily life. Swearing a bad word or even showing off the finger could land you up in jail. 

2. Choose your outfits wisely! 

Image Credits: Dubai Photographer

While there are no strict dressing norms in Dubai, being modest and dressing conservatively is advisable. Hence, while being in public places, kindly avoid shorts or revealing outfits especially the females. Despite such restrictions, wearing a bikini or swimwear at the pool or a beach is allowed, since most of the shores are owned privately, and if not a swimwear in the pool, what else would you wear?😅

Please note : Covering your shoulders and knees is the norm for all genders. 

1. Avoid shooting unknown people in your snaps!

As tourists and unprofessional photographers, we as the general public do tend to snap picturesque places without really bothering the amount of unknown people snapped in your pictures. If you continue this habit in Dubai, it could lead to fines and imprisonment. The people of Dubai are very particular with regards to their privacy and hate being in the frame of unknown tourists. Lokaso, recommends you to click photographs carefully while the background is clear with no locals in it. 

Fact: Law enforcement is quick to take action specially if a woman is seen to be a victim. 

Planning on a honeymoon trip to Dubai? Then, well this list of things to remember during your Dubai Honeymoon trip, should definitely be useful. Besides, you may need a professional photographer to shoot you two love birds on the romantic Dubai trip! Contact Lokaso, to book your photoshoot now! 

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