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Top 7 date ideas to lift up the spark in your relationship!

Have you ever given a thought to how exactly one believes that they are in love? Well, the answer is simple! When you look at your partner, you experience those chills going down your spine, your mom will catch you blushing at your phone, you will start daydreaming 😴 and most of all, those three magical words, won’t just be words but will seem like a thousand emotions projected by just saying, I LOVE YOU! Overtime, the spark in a relationship begins to fade. Hence, to keep up the romance in your relationship, one will definitely have to plan out romantic trips, dates, night outs and cute surprises. Here’s a small list of date ideas you would want to consider! Check them out!

7. Go bowling together

Boys love playing sports and they also find it attractive to watch women engage themselves in sporting activities. Simple games like bowling or pool could be a great pick. Track down the best places that have got bowling games. Make sure that the place isn’t much crowded, so that you two could create a romantic ambience while the two of you enjoy your date, bowling together. 

Places to gain the best bowling experience in Goa – Caculo Mall and Mall de Goa

6. Visit a waterpark

Romance in water is definitely exciting. To add on to that excitement, the water rides will entertain your thrilling mood and will help you two ride into the route to love. If you guys are afraid to get into certain types of rides, be supportive of each other and encourage them to try it out with you.

5. Go wine tasting

Instead of going blind in love, why not get drunk in love😅? Make a bucket list of all the wineries around your city and go wine tasting together. ( Check out Sula Vineyard Fest which is held every year in Nashik!). They say, when you’re drunk, love seems to be all jovial again. Hence, wine tasting could be a great pick for your date idea that’ll help you brighten up your relationship with that little spark.

4. Book a cottage at a riverside

Image courtesy: Travel with Searats

A break from your daily life and a sneak out at the riverside is undoubtedly romantic. For those who prefer planning beforehand, you could decide on what exactly you want to do the entire time. Adult games, a large pizza with coke and humorous talks is romantic enough to keep the mood going. Just being together and having late night conversations helps you understand each other deeply surrounded by a calm and peaceful ambience. 

Click here to check out for some cool cottages in Goa. 

3. Begin the day with trekking and end it with star gazing!

You can begin with a small trek and head towards the beachside. Build up a small tent at the shore and enjoy a romantic date under the dark sky. Gaze at the twinkling stars that’ll sparkle your moods, listen to the rhythmic waves and lie down together, hand in hand, as the two of you reminisce every moment together. 

Mochemad Beach Camping is one of the places you could opt for a night camping tour! 

2. Go kayaking or scuba diving

Image courtesy: Ananthy Subramaniyam

Well, a kiss underwater, grabbing her amidst the aquatic public and being aware of every breath you take, is a beautiful feeling that couples ought to try out. Kayaking too is highly romantic, especially if you two are alone at the river and are surrounded by nature’s beauty. Try out this activity for your adventurous date that will definitely add some spark to your relationship. 

The best places known for the best scuba diving experience in India are;


Havelock Island

Netrani Island, Karnataka

1. Book your tickets to a nearby city like Goa, you’ve always hoped to visit together!

Image courtesy: Lokaso Photoshoot

I’m sure couples always have a few fantasies they wanna try. While some want to visit a strip club together, others wanna take a short romantic trip to their favourite destination. A must-to-visit place could be Goa, where we welcome couples wholeheartedly with amazing hotel stays, variants of cuisines and secluded spots ideal for couples. Take your mate to a place where there are interesting things-to-do like hot air ballooning, so you could spend a weekend away from routine life together as one being. This could be one of the best date ideas to surprise your partner.

Image courtesy: Lokaso Photoshoot

In Goa, one could also have a romantic dinner date on a luxury yacht amidst the Arabian sea with a professional playing live music to get into the mood.   
Using the above ideas, plan out a romantic date for your mate. If you plan on having a trip to Goa, you could have a couple photoshoot to capture your lovey-dovey moments with the help of some professional photographers. Click here, to contact Lokaso!

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