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How to travel to Bali with children

Kids, as innocent and cute as they are, can, in general, be any travellers worst nightmare. A nuclear meltdown is usually only one bad mood swing away.

Unfortunately, most people can’t simply leave their kids behind either. If you’re worried about your little munchkin ruining your Bali vacation, here’s a complete guide to making your travel life a lot easier. 

5. Minute Details are your best friend

Kids can be extremely sensitive to new environments. Especially ones below the age of 5. Bali is for the most part pleasantly warm throughout the year. So if you’re coming from somewhere that’s cold, be prepared. Renting an Air Conditioned car is highly recommended. 

4. The almighty stroller is a must

Essentially a humanised trolley thingy. A stroller will save you a LOT of time and effort spent in carrying your little bundle of joy all around. As footpaths arent a norm in Bali.

You can also rent baby stroller pretty cheap in Bali.

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3. Beaches? Yes. Beach Shacks? Probably No.

By all means, go crazy at the beach. It’s what’s Bali is all about. However, you should reconsider hitting the beach shacks as they’re not very child-friendly. Cig smoke and hookah isn’t something you want your kids to start inhaling now, do you? 

If you do find a family-friendly shack then feel free to head right in.

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2. Partying is totally possible

A trip to Bali without Partying is like a trip to Mecca without praying. You’ll be glad to know that most top-end nightlife establishments in Bali have fully equipped Kids rooms with everything your child needs. Before leaving, simply inform the said establishment before-hand to confirm. 

1. Dry Food can be a lifesaver

Street food is all the rage. But giving something prepared with questionable hygiene to their child is every parent’s worst nightmare. Carrying dry fruits, mashed potato and even a sandwich can save you a whole lot of time and money later in case your child gets sick.

It’s highly recommended to not give your child below 10 anything that’s not from a decent restaurant.

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