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5 glorious Portuguese houses that you ought to visit while in Goa

Ever dreamed of living in a grand house with 30-foot ceilings, a fireplace in every room and a backyard so big you need a map to find your way around? For the cost of a night’s stay you can even reside in some of these that were once the posh private residences of wealthy politicians, spice barons and the like.Unique in every sense, with a jaw dropping fusion of Indian and European architecture.

Here are five magnificent mansions across Goa that have been maintained their pristine condition even after hundreds of years.


5. Braganza House, Chandor


Image courtesy : Siddesh Shetkar

Considered one of the grandest examples of stunning Portuguese architecture, Braganza House dates all the way back to the 16th century. Just two hours from Margao, it’s the perfect overnight venue for a leisure walk while maintaining a classic and dreamy atmosphere.  

The west wing of Braganza House has been maintained extremely well. The same unfortunately cannot be said about the Eastern wing. It fun to see them both nevertheless.


4. Figueiredo House, Loutolim


Image courtesy : Flickr

The magnificence of Goan interiors of Figueiredo House can be seen in the exemplary finishes and the choicest collection of furnishings and furniture. Step inside and you will be dazzled to see Bavarian chandeliers that hung from the ceilings and Chinese porcelain that adorn the mosaic tiles.


The west wing of Figueiredo House was built 400 years ago while its eastern counterpart dates back to 200 years ago.


3. Casa Araujo Alvares, Loutolim


Image courtesy : casaaraujoalvares.com

This 250 year old mansion was initially set up to recreate Goan village life under Portuguese rule. It was named after owner Eufemiano Araujo Alvares, who was a prominent lawyer during the colonial period.


The mansion has been constructed around an inner courtyard and features a chapel at its center. It’s gracefully furnished with European antiques and old photos. Each room has been preserved as it was centuries ago, including the kitchen filled with traditional implements. It even has a long dining table like in the olden days.


2. Palacio do Deao, Quepem

Image courtesy : Goa.gov.in

Image courtesy : Goa.gov.in

The 18th century Palacio do Deao (Dean’s Palace) was built by Portuguese nobleman Jose Paulo, who founded Quepem town. Surrounded by two acres of enchanting tropical gardens, it fronts the Kushavati River and looks out onto the church. The essence of Indo European architecture is quite prominent at Palacio do Deao.

The 11,000 square foot mansion, has changed hands a number of times. 


1. Quinta De Halicarnassus

Image courtesy : Heritage Goa

Image courtesy : Heritage Goa

A visit to Quinta De Halicarnassus is a must for anyone who craves beautifully carved furniture, made of rosewood, mahogany and the like. The furnishings here have a particularly feminine inspiration.

The manor defies conventional building norms. The verandah has white mosaic but a colourful border relieves the contrast. An antique, nail-studded door opens to an old Confessional from a South Goa church. Few houses in the country are as beautiful as this.  




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