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Top 7 Tips to have an organised family photoshoot!

Have you ever thought of having a family photoshoot but immediately dropped the idea because you’ve got no good tips and have no clue of how to go about it?

If yes, then your fear is absolutely normal. Having a photoshoot can be challenging and a pocket full of mixed feelings for first-timers, especially when the photoshoot involves the entire family. 

So here, Lokaso has sorted out the top 7 tips you may need while you prepare yourselves for a family photoshoot. Following these tips will help you be more confident and comfortable during the entire shoot 

7. Make your pet a part of your family portraits

Image courtesy: Lokaso Photoshoot

May it be a dog, a cat or even a parrot, including your pet in the family portrait could be a creative tip to follow. Pets overtime tend to become an important part of our family and hence keeping them under camera helps family photographs capture memories of these cute members too. Therefore, make sure to tie a little bow on their head or a neck to make them look smart and cute, helping them enhance the beauty of every family picture. 

6. Use props to engage kids! 

Image courtesy: Lokaso Photoshoot / #Family Photoshoot

Kids might get really cranky if a good rapport isn’t established between the photographer and kids. To avoid such situations where the kids are having their gala time and not merely paying attention to the photoshoot, you can use toys or their favourite things as props to help them focus and be less cranky.  

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5. Choosing the right set of clothes is necessary!

Wearing something similar or of the same colours, highlights your unity in the family and creates excitement in the minds of the people. Besides that, cuteness seems overloaded with these kinds of ideas. The female members could try flattery dresses to make pictures look more authentic.

Small tip: Carry a few extra outfits, to show more variants in photographs.  

4. Please, Don’t be camera conscious📸🙈

Image courtesy: Lokaso Photoshoot

There might be family members who are slightly introverts and hence, camera-conscious. To bring out the best, it’s important that all members are expressive and comfortable. Otherwise, the nervousness will clearly be captured in the pictures. 

Therefore, it’s vital for extroverts to encourage the shy ones and boost their confidence. By following this tip during your family photoshoot, you will enjoy every moment and not have silly regrets. 

Now, please don’t say, “But we all are introverts”😂

3. Forget Fake Candids, Be yourself! 

Image courtesy: Lokaso Photoshoot / # Goa Beach Photoshoot

An important thumb rule of photoshoot is that you let the photographer capture the real you.  Remember to keep candid poses as “Top Priority”! Candids can also reduce nervousness since you know you have to look at your loved ones instead of looking directly at the camera.

A Small secret: The team of Lokaso are known for their humble nature that immediately establishes a positive rapport with every customer! 

2. Kids are gonna be under the spotlight!

Image courtesy: Lokaso Photoshoot / #Goa Family Photoshoot

Kids are the most temperamental and unpredictable. Isn’t it? 

If children are tired, sleepy or hungry they’re difficult to handle. It may also be impossible to ask them to pose or make them ‘look’ happy. Hence, to suggest, the most suitable time would be in the morning when the kids are just done with their breakfast and are active enough for the photoshoot. 

If mornings are not possible for the elders then you could have it in the other half of the day where the kids have had enough of their evening nap. You could also get some snacks or plan a treat for them as a cute little bribe to have them cooperate with you all. 😉

1. Remember, the Photographer will be your Guardian Angel!

Before booking the shoot, you ought to check out the portfolios and customer ratings. Usually, professional photographers truly understand what you’re looking for. You can also ask for demo ideas, so that you are able to picture a rough idea of what could be expected. It’s also a good thing to talk to the photographers personally, because establishing a rapport can bring out a great experience. 

Communicate with your photographer and let them know your expectations. Once you’ve made your choice, trust your photographer, ‘coz they know the best!

I hope these few tips have helped you to prepare for an organised family photoshoot. To be shot by one of the best teams of photographers, feel free to contact Lokaso

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