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Top 6 Architectural Places In India – Best for your upcoming pre-wedding shoots!!!

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Photoshoots are the best admired when captured under the everlasting architectural places in India. The ambience one can feel is astounding and beautiful. The rule of several dynasties in India, has left behind a rich architectural history with us. Therefore, we need to preserve all of these riches which can be done through photoshoots.

6. Kerala – Admire not just the food, but the architecture as well! 

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Kerala’s lush green land has developed because of its location that is situated between the western Ghats and the Arabian sea. Kerala’s architecture is partly based on the Indian Vedic Architectural science, known as Vastu-Shastra. There is an influence of Dravidian architecture as well. It has been a rich land from centuries ago, so obviously the churches, ancestral houses, forts and specifically the temples are a must to visit when on an architectural trip in Kerala. The state has its temples and houses decked at the time of festivals, specially for Onam.

Architectural places to visit: 

Tip: Hire a historian who can truly guide you through these architectural sites.

5. Karnataka – A land that Belonged to Several Dynasties!

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Historically ruled by the Vijayanagara empire, Karnataka has a world heritage site known as Hampi. One will find various architectural styles showcased in the regions of Karnataka. Tibetan refugees settled down in Karnataka. As a result, Karnataka also experienced Tibetan art form. Overall, it’s a place to check on different styles of art engraved within the architectural walls. 

Architectural places to visit: 

Tip: Avoid carrying money in bulk, instead use a debit/credit card.

4. Pondicherry- A gifted architecture from the French colonies

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Ruled for a long period, Pondicherry still preserves it’s lifestyle and many other influences of the French colonies. While you walk down the streets, you’ll realise this place to be a complete unique land that you won’t find in the whole of India. You can observe a blend of Tamilian architecture and the influence of French colonies in the streets, traffic signals and also in the Franco-Tamil houses. 

Architectural places to visit: 

Tip: Do visit Rock Beach, to capture the picturesque beauty of the shore along with friends and family

3. Delhi – A land Captured by Great Empires!

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From the Rajputs to the Mughal Empire, Delhi has always been on the spotlight to be a centre of art and architecture. Many rulers spied at this land as though they would do anything to buy it. Since it was a rich land, emperors couldn’t take their eyes off this beautiful place. The buildings, forts and palaces range from indo-Islamic architectural style to Mughal architectural art that usually has an onion-shaped rooftop made out of white Marble. The most astonishing feature of Delhi’s historical remembrance are the tombs of various rulers. 

Architectural Places to visit: 

  • Red Fort
  • Qutub Minar
  • India Gate
  • Humayun’s Tomb
  • Jama Masjid
  • Lotus Temple
  • Purana Kila

Tip: Have a heavy meal, carry water and a cap, because these architectural places are way too many on a small piece of land in India!!!

2. Goa – Portugal art still adds to the beauty!

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Goa has a blend of Indian, Mughal and Portugal art in their structures. Since Goa was initially ruled by the Mughal empire, one will find several monuments encompassing the Mughal architecture. Portugal influence can be clearly seen in the ancestral houses, strongly built churches and forts as well. The windows of many ancestral structures were built using oyster shells for a specific reason. Most of the churches are built in the Portugal baroque style. If you are a true lover of architecture, then you ought to visit this land and have an amazing experience through photoshoots!

Architectural place to visit: 

Tip: You need to have a professional photographer during your entire trip, to capture these lovely moments.

1. Rajasthan- The Land of Mystic Havelis

Image Courtesy: Rajasthan Tourism

Besides, the ghostly rumours of their havelis, Rajasthan is a place having significant sites of the Indus valley civilisation. It is the architecture that helps Rajasthan stand out and achieve great importance in India. Besides, the culture and its people, the jaw dropping Havelis, the well-guarded forts and the finely carved temples are considered to be the true beauty of Rajasthan. While many palaces have both, Jain and Muslim architecture, other several structures were built by Rajputs and have their influence. 

Architectural places to visit: 

And a lot more!!!!

Tip: You definitely need a tour guide to help you understand the importance of these places.

If you are on an architectural trip in India, then these places are a must to visit.

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