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Who doesn’t love a sweet surprise! Surprise proposal in Goa – an interesting way to get your mate say a big YES!

Once you are sure that you’re ready to spend the rest of your life with someone, the next step is deciding how to pop the question in front of your love. There can never be a perfect thing. However, you can always try to reach that level of perfection by choosing the best among the rest. However, choosing one idea among so many up there over the web could be a little tricky. But, Hakuna Matata! We’re here to help you with some really fascinating surprise proposal ideas that will make your partner say a yes in Goa!

6. Surprise Proposal at Goa beaches

A proposal at Goa is obviously incomplete without a little romance at the beach. With the natural waves hitting the shore thereby creating a peaceful noise can definitely make your surprise proposal a romantic one in Goa (click here to see one of our most successful surprise proposal shoot) You can also decorate a secluded space with some food and a musician to add some tune to the romantic mood. 

If you need a private opportunity to give a surprise Proposal, then you may choose South Goa beaches that are away from tourist attractions. And, if you want it to be with all of the excitement, with the public applauding and cheering you guys, then of course the crowded North Goa beaches should be a great deal! 

5. Night Proposal On A Luxury Yacht in Goa

Image courtesy : Trailsofmemories


Nights usually provide a cool atmosphere with the sparkling stars under the dark sky. Which is why, they are considered as one of the most romantic parts of the entire day. You ought to brighten your special moment under the new moon light. You can board a luxury yacht at one of the Goan beaches and come far away from the shore and propose your beau and bae. Special arrangements like decorating the yacht could also be done on demand. 

The sprawling deck adds to the moment and so does the chilling vibe of the sea. An addition of open air dinner or barbeque along with champagne would be a great option on your tiny little adventure. 

Tip: Book a musician to play some romantic beats! 

4. Play the Treasure Hunt – Excite her to once again fall in love!

Make a simple proposal exciting with a twist of a treasure hunt. You could probably leave your love for a while, so she/he could figure out the way to your idea of the surprise proposal destination. But of course, you ought to keep simple clues, so that one may not get lost on this unknown land. To make the clues simple, use a common hint inorder to help her recognise where each message is placed, like a balloon with a small chit. This surprise proposal idea will definitely get you on your toes and make it all the more exciting to feel the final pleasure of saying a ‘Yes’

Tip: If you really plan on trying this stunt, please make sure that you are available at every step she/he takes, to confirm that they are on the right track!

2. Use a hot air balloon to make a surprise proposal exciting! 

Image courtesy: annmark.photo


Imagine proposing to your soulmate flying high in the sky and feeling free from your chaotic lifestyle! It’s just gonna be a superb surprise proposal idea wherein the two of you will be relaxed thereby spending quality time amidst the beautiful weather of Goa. Hot air balloons will not just give you both a thrilling proposal but it will also make it a memorable moment during your Goa trip.  

By the way, up in the air she won’t have any other place to go hide her blush rather shy into your arms😁

Check out the hot air balloon reel by Lokaso which was loved by our followers!

1. Surprise Proposal On a Scenic trek amidst the Goan vibe!

Image courtesy: Team Lokaso

Nature lovers should keep this surprise proposal idea right at the top of your checklist! Pop your question (will you be my… ?) during your trekking tour by only letting nature witness your love. Your proposal will be even more romantic if you go trekking to a waterfall. The water will symbolise the love you will forever be showering onto your partner. 

Small tip: 

Don’t forget to consult your photo friend – Lokaso who will help you capture one of your life’s most precious moments as this will help you relive your experience after years of your togetherness with your partner. Make sure your photoshoot idea is a secret. This will help the photoshoot team to capture the special moments candidly. 

Make your Surprise Proposal trip in Goa a memorable one by reaching out to us to help you shoot the crazy yet lovely moments!!!  

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