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5 Amazing spots for your next Margao Trip with friends


Image courtesy: Frederick Noronha

Looking for the perfect Margao trip. You’ve come to the right place. Margao is one of the most fun places to be in these days. It’s not just us, Margao in fact recently made its way to being declared the cleanest city in Goa. Among all of cities, Margao is adored for all its cool places to chill. Despite it having little or no nightlife. So whether you’re a local or not.


Here are 5 spots scatters all over and around Margao that are guaranteed to get you a very good time on your next Margao trip.


5. Monte Hill

Almost every part of Goa has a little hillock presiding over it, and Margao is no exception. Monte Hill is Margao’s highest point, which gives one a birds eye view of the entire city. The area also has the chapel dedicated to Our Lady of Mercy, which is quite popular and sacred among locals and tourists alike.


The entire spot is ideal for a short retreat with friends in Margao, where you chill out with the sea-breeze and some beer.


Monte hill - margao - south goa - chill out with friends

Image courtesy : Hayson Da Costa


4. Trinity Beach

Trinity is undoubtedly one of the cleanest beaches in all of Goa. Its shiney golden sand complements its sparkly clean water. Before entering the beach itself you’re greeted with a view of the nearby fields. The combination white sands, clear seas and the hues of the Sun really makes Trinity an ideal spot to chill out in Margao.

Highly recommended that you come here in the monsoons as the entire beech is exceptionally green.


Please don’t leave behind any trash though 🙁


Trinity beach - salcete - margao - goa - beach trip - beach with friends

Image courtesy : Wikimedia Commons


3. Conclude your Margao trip with some gaming at KOS

If you’ve ever wondered what Margao teens do when there’s nothing to do at home, then you’ve come to the right place. K-OS is a very good place to enjoy and relax with your friends in Margao. The owner Vinit Sarin is also very friendly guy and joins in to play with his customers at times.


There is also a Playstation 4 available alongside very decent LAN connected Gaming PC’s. Counter strike and FIFA are a staple here.


gaming in goa - south goa - margao - salcete - hangout spots margao

Image courtesy : Vinit


2. Sushegad County

Chilling by the pool with your friends is easier said than done. The hard part? Finding a pool that’s quiet and empty enough for you to enjoy your evening. Sushegad county is the perfect destination if you want to chill out with your friends in Margao with a pool. Simply book your time slot for Rs 250 for the entire day per head and enjoy the high life your style.  

Pool party goa - south goa pool - margao chill out spots - road trip margao

Image courtesy : Gaurang Naik


1. Udiyar, Verna


If there’s any spot in your Margao trip that’s more underrated than this, then we haven’t heard of it. There cannot be a more perfect place to have an amazing time with some amazing friends in Goa. Udiyar has it all. Pristine wilderness, an empty freshwater pond and above all, complete isolation.


There’s also a waterfall to accompany you and your buds. An all in all perfect experience. But please don’t litter anything at this untouched corner of Verna.


Goa - Verna - Waterfall in margao - south goa adventure - udiyar

Image courtesy : Rahul Singbal


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