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Solo Photoshoot In Goa – Can Be As Rewarding As Any Other Shoot – Mrinmoy has his experience to share!

Solo photoshoot in Goa is way better than a group photoshoot. And if it’s under a professional lens, then it’s a platter of delicacies.

Travelling solo and experiencing new life should be on your bucket list. It’s like a different enjoyment all together. And if you are travelling and not planning to capture those memories, then it’s a big loss to you. We interviewed one of those solo travellers who visited Goa, when the Christmassy mood was at its peak. And to capture his happiness on shore, he booked a professional photographer at Lokaso, and was pleased with the outcome. Checkout his photoshoot experience in Goa, as a Solo traveller!

Let’s take a sneak peak into Mrinmoy’s biography!

Mrinmoy, an inhabitant of the famous tea plantation state in Assam is a lawyer by profession and is passionate about travelling, interacting with new people and understanding their cultures and traditions. Holding his goal to experience life through travel, Mrinmoy visited Goa for the second time in his life. He says, “Travelling is an integral part of my life, since I like exploring places and the people.”

Wondering what’s the reason to travel solo? Check out!

Going solo on an adventurous journey, not only creates new memories, but also helps you interact and share happiness with many other travellers and locals as well. One can be on their own, not busy with a heavy schedule to follow, but in fact one can be like that free bird moving peacefully towards your destination.

When we asked Mrinmoy the question, why did you decide to travel solo to Goa? He answered, “When you are travelling solo, you are on your own, which helps you interact with people a lot. Every person crossing your way is an opportunity to learn and gain more knowledge about them.”

Sharing memorable stories of one’s life, sitting round the bonfire and when communication is on another level, the joy you experience is enormous.

A Solo Photoshoot in Goa is Exciting? How’s that!!!

You can freely pose your smile – When you are surrounded by some others, at times you might miss the shot. Hence, having a solo photoshoot creates your own space for photography without being interrupted by others.

The time devoted is all yours – Solo photoshoots provides time for yourself. Even if a moment is wasted, it is still yours.

You are the main focus on the lens – We all love to be on the spotlight. And for someone like Mrinmoy, who loves being clicked, a solo shoot plays as an advantage to rock every click. 

Moreover, you can explore every side of yours and pose excitingly, like it’s a pose for a good life!

The Message of Fitness In The Clicks!

Mrinmoy through his photographs gives out a great message to his viewers. When asked the reason for staying fit, this was what he said, “Rather than having a great body, maintaining mental health is very important. Especially in today’s world, where we are burdened with great professional expectations, it is important to balance out our health, personal life and professional life. I feel that I need to workout so I am mentally fit, without which I cannot maintain the balance between professional and personal life.” You can see his happiness and fitness blending together in the photoshoot.

His Experience with Lokaso Was Fantastic! So Glad!

“I love photography. More than taking photographs, I love being clicked. Therefore, I looked out for some freelancer, who could click decent photographs for me, that would be preserved as a memory. My experience with the Team was great, and the photos that have come out speak for themselves. The high quality and final putout is fantastic. I give special Kudos to Bani the photographer, who clicked so many photographs and edited them skilfully. The team’s guidance, their choice of locations and overall the team effort, helped me achieve a great experience through a solo shoot.”

A Small Message To All Those Reading This Blog

“People sometimes fail to move out of their comfort zone. My advice to everyone is that; please move out of your comfort zone. When you do so, you learn and experience life, which can never be bought through any other means. Hence, go solo, explore places like Goa, their culture and traditions” and of course do not forget to capture those memories within the photographic hands😉 ‘coz photoshoots are just too fantastic!!!

Whom are you waiting for? Book your Solo photoshoot in Goa at Lokaso, and get the best out of your trip!

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