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Top 10 Magnificent Islands for your next trip to Bali!

Bali is one of the most beautiful island destinations in the world and offers everything that a tourist craves for. Bali has been a lover’s paradise, a bachelorette’s dream, a honeymooner’s cove for the longest time. Now, we have come up with a list of the Top 10 Magnificent Islands that you must visit on your next trip to Bali!

10. Lombok Island 

Lombok is an associate island within the Indian ocean that is a part of the Lesser Sunda Islands. Often referred to as “an unspoiled Bali”, Lombok is what individuals expected Bali to be before it became packed with tourist and became a popular travel destination. The island is in itself gaining some attention in recent times for its mesmerising beaches and as a surfboarding destination. Photoshoots on this island are also a must-do!

Image Credits: Bookmundi

9. Gili Trawangan

The Gili Islands are three islands on the brink of Lombok that are a preferred traveller destination for those coming back to Lombok. Gili Trawangan is a little island that has no cars where you can spend your day cycling around the island and enjoying all that its rich soil has to offer.

Image Credits: The Culture Trip

8. Gili Meno

Nothing speaks more of beauty than a wonderful photoshoot on the Gili Meno Island. Gili Meno is a little island that is hardly one kilometre wide and two kilometres long. The island has not been developed entirely and thus attracts hordes of tourists seeking solitude amongst the natural surroundings. Gili Meno is perfect for couples to spend some quality time together and capture the best memories with couple photoshoots.

Image Credits: TripAdvisor

7. Nusa Lembongan

Nusa Lembongan is one amongst the three islands located to the south-east of Bali island. It’s a picturesque venue untouched by tourism and remains a high draw for travellers wanting a small amount of peace and quiet amidst the agitated pace of life. The area around Nusa Lembongan has an abundance of marine life as well as colourful corals that are a photographer’s delight. As a tourist, a variety of water sports like diving, snorkelling and paragliding will be a definite crowd-pleaser!

Image Credits: Get Your Guide

6. Nusa Ceningan

Famous for being the most fashionable vacation island destination of Bali, The Nusa Ceningan Island additionally forms a part of the Nusa Islands trio. Standing amidst the ocean waters, this Island is blessed with hoards of engaging places consisting of beaches, resorts, cliffs and also the renowned ‘Blue Lagoon’. The scenic beauties of the Nusa Ceningan Island make it a perfect place for nature photographers. The island is additionally renowned for varied activities like Underwater Scootering, Ziplining, Snorkelling, and Diving.

Image Credits: Be My Travel Muse

5. Komodo Island

Are you somebody who loves water sports? Then you ought to visit Komodo Island. The ocean around the Komodo island and its neighbouring islands offer a number of the world’s best deep-diving spots. It has a spectacular reef and fish of all shapes and sizes as vibrant as a symphony of colours. The island is also home to the rare Komodo dragons which make any nature enthusiast go wild!

Image Credits: Telegraph

4. Gili Air Island

Gili Air is the nearest island to Lombok. It offers travellers, the best of what the world has to offer. Be it peaceful travelling or party hopping, there are several temples and waterfalls to visit. Apart from this, cosy cafes and nightlife hubs make for a definite top-notch travel expedition. There are beach activities like sunbathing, snorkelling, and sky-diving. Besides this, you can go fishing, horse-riding, wakeboarding, etc.

Image Credits: Jon Is Travelling

3. Nusa Penida Island

Located in the southeast part of Bali, Nusa Penida is usually referred to as the foremost exotic of the three Nusa Islands. Nusa Penida is abounded with picturesque lagoons and cliffs, making it ideal for scuba-diving and exploring coral reefs, manta rays and even whale sharks. Nusa Penida has become a photographer’s dream destination, as the photos give a somewhat Greek vibe!

Image Credits: Bali Livin’

2. Nusa Menjangan

Nusa Menjangan is an island in Bali, best-known for its crystal clear and calm waters, making it a wonderful spot for diving and snorkelling. One can also spot the rare Javan rusa or Sunda sambar which is a species of deer, also known as ‘Mengajan’; therefore the name of the island. Individuals can land on the island by taking a ship from Labuhan Lalang port in North Bali.

Image Credits: Villa Bali

1. Gili Gede

Gili Gede lies to the southwest coast of Lombok. Gili Gede’s name interpreted loosely is ‘Large Island’. Gili Gede packs a considerable punch for its comparatively tiny size. The “Desert point” is notable for being one of the most beautiful surf spots in the South-east Asian region. Gili Gede is additionally a snorkeler’s paradise and with its crystal clear waters and abundant marine life, it’s certain to be a haven for water sports enthusiasts as well.

Image Credits: Get A Room

Want to have the best time in Bali? Check out these magnificent islands you must visit on your next trip! If you need a photographer for your next trip to Bali, make sure to hit us up and we’ll get you sorted.

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