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Fun Things to do When Backpacking to Bali!

Bali is always known for its beautiful landscape and expanse of greenery. Many travellers flock to this destination to unwind and relax. Many people love to backpack their way through this wonderful place. We’ve curated a list of fun things to do whilst Backpacking in Bali.

5.Tegallalang’s Rice Terraces

Around a 20-minute drive north of Ubud lies the valley of Tegallalang, home to a number of the island’s most picturesque rice terraces. Here you’ll see Bali’s ancient, Unesco-listed subak irrigation system in action, with small streams and gullies running to the terraces from pretty puras (temples) – showcasing the island’s connection between religion, community and nature. Absorb the spectacular scenery from the roadside warungs (small restaurants) or spend an hour exploring the area’s unique landscape on foot.

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4.Witness an Artisan at Work

Bali is famous for its array of artisan craftsmen, who work in studios or small family workshops. With different villages specialising in a particular craft, it’s just a matter of deciding what kind piques your interest. Head to Celuk to witness silversmiths cut and file intricate pieces of jewellery, or visit Mas to be wowed by giant ornate wood carvings and oggle stacks of – frankly quite terrifying – decorative masks.

Image Credits: The Yaka Magazine

3. Visit Pura Taman Saraswati Temple

Located behind Café Lotus in central Ubud, Pura Taman Saraswati is fronted by a beautiful lotus-filled pond. The beautiful water temple, which dates back to 1952, can be accessed via a stone walkway decorated with Hindu sculptures. Once inside the inner sanctum, look out for sandstone bas reliefs of Saraswati, the Hindu goddess of learning, literature and art, who this temple is devoted to. Keep your eyes open evening dance performances, which are staged here regularly.

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2. Visit an Abandoned Amusement Park

One of Bali’s more eerie attractions, Taman Festival Bali is an abandoned park just north of Sanur. The park, which closed at the tip of the 90s because of the Asian depression. It features a man-made volcano, an inverted roller coaster, and even a crocodile pit. Not for the fainthearted, today the overgrown structures and graffiti-spattered kiosks create some great photo opportunities. 

Image Credits: Chantae

1. Walk the Campuhan Ridge

A mere five-minute drive from the centre of Ubud, Campuhan Ridge stands a world apart from the restaurants and boutiques of the nearby Monkey Forest Street. Around six kilometres in total, the walk starts as a narrow trail at the Pura Gunung Lebah temple before widening to reveal a valley. After around half-hour walking along the ridge, the trek reaches the village of Bangkiang Sidem, with its bucolic scenes of rural Balinese life.

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