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Ladies Bachelorette Trip Essentials: Must do in Goa

Goa is a great spot for a wedding. But if there’s one thing more fun than the actual wedding, then it has to be a Bachelorette trip. And Goa has you covered in that department too. If you thought Goa was all about partying and beaches then you’re in for quite a shocker. Here are 5 things you MUST do the next time you’re in Goa with your besties for a great time.

5. Spend time at a nature resort

Although Goa is seldom remembered for its beautiful beaches. It also has its fair share of serene and chilling nature resorts to the east (and some within). The aroma of the western ghats and the mist. The wholesome and tempting hills are just something else altogether, there’s just so much worth seeing. So don’t leave out a nature resort on your next Bachelorette trip in Goa.

Wildernest, La Mangrove and Stonewater are highly recommended.

Dudhsagar Spa Retreat, Dudhsagar, Goa - Nature & Eco Resorts in Goa

4. Have a yoga retreat in Goa

Ashiyana means ‘home’ in Hindi, a home away from home to be precise. The Ashiyana resort is set amidst abundant tropical flora and fauna and close to the beautiful and unspoiled Mandrem Beach in the north of Goa. This retreat Village has been designed to help you to feel as comfortable, connected and relaxed as possible, providing you with the opportunity to disconnect and meditate outdoors.

There is also a spa and massage parlor that is handled by professional massagers.

3. Set Sail Before the Veil

If there’s one thing Goa is known for other than fish and beaches, it’s the wide open waterways. Goa offers a tonne different places you can set yourself and your bachelorette gang afloat. There’s plenty of luxury yacht and catamaran rental services. The islands of Chorao and Divar are highly recommended for a nature-loving adventure. Or perhaps the coast of Panjim along the Mandovi river. The choice is yours.

Sunset in Goa on a Yacht - Sunset Cruise in Goa - Fun Cruises Goa
Credits: Fun Cruises Goa

2. Visit a Winery or Brewery

Take a ride-share with your girls to a winery or brewery in Goa to spend an afternoon sipping and sampling some fine wines or tasty beers! That’s right, Goa has a tonne of in-state alcoholic beverages. You can even try some freshly prepared Feni or Urrak if you arrive during the production season.

1. Sleep Over at one of Goa’s many AirBnb’s

Goa has a tonne of AirBnB’s spread all over the state. No matter what your budget, there’s always something for someone. Looking to spend for a night of luxury? Head over to a luxury villa. Want some peace of mind? Why not try out a Portuguese house instead. Or maybe you enjoy the beach life. Give a beachside AirBnb a try instead.  

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