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Top 7 Romantic Things to do in Dubai during your Honeymoon Trip

Years back, Dubai was simply known to be a fishing village of the Gulf. But today, it’s the most famous cosmopolitan city in the World. It’s a world full of exciting things to do and an ideal spot for couples as well as families. Of course certain restrictions do expect couples to avoid PDA, but otherwise it’s an ideal place to spend your honeymoon days. To help you spend your honeymoon in the best way possible, Lokaso has prepared a list of romantic things to do during your Dubai trip. 

7. Spend a Relaxing Day by the pool

The right blend of cocktails by the pool and a brunch of mouthwatering Arabic foods along with your soulmate by your side is a simple way to spend a lazy day in Dubai. The Green Room in Dubai is one such place to spend time with your loved ones. They have a bunch of hardworking professionals who strive to give every customer the best they can. 

Fun Fact: They’ve also got cinema nights on every Friday, where you two love birds could grab a glass of wine and enjoy a movie together by the pool. 

6. A Night Out at the Dubai Marina

Image Credits: wathe_photographer

The Night Life at a bustling city like Dubai, ought to give you chills with their exciting activities to offer. The Dubai Marina is one such location where you two lovers could experience the city and its traditions by visiting the several dining spaces for a taste into the world’s cuisines. Moreover, the place is a home to several shopping centers that’ll drive you nuts. 

Fact: Pier 7 is the most exclusive dining hub of Dubai. 

5. A Breathtaking Helicopter Ride over Dubai

Image courtesy: qrated world

Helicopter rides have been in the bucket list of several tourists visiting Dubai which gives scope for thrill seekers to view the cityscape and enjoy a romantic getaway with their partner. Helicopter Ride Dubai is one such company that has got a bunch of professional pilots that give you a jaw-dropping experience for life. It’ll be a ride filled with love and unforgettable moments. 

Fact: At the Helicopter Ride Dubai website, one can avail several astonishing offers while booking your Helicopter Ride. Check them out!

4. Romantic Date on a Yacht

Aboard a luxurious yacht of Dubai and surprise your partner with a red carpet welcome. While the sun goes down, and the night sky lets the stars shine, pop a bottle of champagne and have a wonderful time sailing on the pristine waters. Spending hours together in the arms of each other and experiencing the cool atmosphere will create a romantic mood. Long conversations amidst the water, is a lover’s cup of tea😉

You can book your reservations with Book Yachts, and have a romantically decorated yacht for your partner. 

3. Intimate Hot Air Balloon Ride

Image courtesy: CGonias

Admire the vast desert of Dubai as you soar high on a Hot Air Balloon ride. Book your ride for a sunrise view and watch how beautifully the city of gold lits up with the striking raise of the morning star. Moreover, once you are satisfied glancing at the Arabian desert, be ready for a scrumptious breakfast in a traditional Bedouin camp set-up. 

Contact Klook, to book your intimate Hot Air Balloon Ride now! 

2. Candle Light dinner in a Dhow Cruise

Dhow cruises reflect the traditional side of Dubai that sails into the modernity of current times. Candlelight dinners at these Dhow cruises have today become popular among visitors. While you two wait for your order to arrive, enjoy the live entertainment shows and gaze into the city of gold. 

1. Have a Couple Photoshoot to freeze your Dubai memories!

Image Credits: Studio Kelly Photography

Well, if you’re having a honeymoon trip in Dubai, then a photoshoot is mandatory. Selfies are dull and lifeless. Instead, book a professional photoshoot to capture all your crazy moments while in Dubai. Afterall, these pictures are going to take you back in time when in the future you go back to your Dubai album with a wrinkled hand. 

Having a couple photoshoot is one of the most romantic things to do in Dubai. And if you’re excited about having a couple photoshoot in Dubai, then contact Lokaso Photoshoot, to book your session now!

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