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Pre-Wedding Couple Photoshoot – A Goan Love Story Captured Under The Professional Lens With Lokaso!

A Pre-wedding couple photoshoot in Goa is a trend to follow because every couple seems to be mesmerised when the positive vibe creates butterflies.

The Goan culture and the liberal society welcomes love marriages with utmost joy, although it still encourages arranged marriages. Love marriages at times are criticized upon but at the end of the day, the success of their marriage proves the whole point. It is difficult to draw a poll between love and arranged marriages, but yes, the two work brilliantly having their own pros and cons.

Here, we have a simple example of a Goan couple who tied their knot on the 18th of December after being in a relationship for about a year! Let’s know which tale they share!

A Story Hidden With Simplicity!

Once upon a time there lived a seafarer named Suchit Soares who fell in love with a girl named Priyanka Fernandes. Their friends helped them know each other and the smile they exchanged was a ‘Damn!’ moment all together. Priyanka obviously couldn’t resist this man offering his honest heart towards her. Hence, the two began seeing each other more often. But there came a twist! 

While Priyanka, being an air hostess, worked in Chennai, Suchit worked overseas as a sailor. How would they meet? Was there any other option? Leaving their jobs for love was just too impossible. Without a career, love cannot flourish. Hence, sadly it was a distant relationship. 

They exchanged talks, opinions and spent lovely moments over the phone. Our only saviour! And here came the virus. Thus, adding more distance between them. But yes, these two didn’t let the lockdown keep them away. It was the lockdown that brought them close to each other. They were physically away but were emotionally united. It created more love and affection, which called for a vacation!

Fights on those petty little things!

It is always said that a relationship cannot exist without small arguments. This love too couldn’t help but argue on those small petty little topics. But Suchit and Priyanka, just like a well matured couple, understood their worth and value. Although they fought for a while, the bond they shared helped them be back with a quick patch up. 

A Trip To Pondicherry, Was A Memorable One!

No sooner did the lockdown end, that Suchit packed his bag for a short trip to Pondicherry. Since Priyanka is based in Chennai, Suchit, like a cool prince charming, came to spend some glorious time with the love of his life! The love achieved amidst the serene beauty of the green land and being under the roof of a tree-house, was marvellous. It was then they knew how strongly they felt for each other. Quickly, they rang up their parents, and began preparations to take the most awaited vows. 

A Pre-Wedding Couple Photoshoot in Goa Was A Must!

The two lovers made it a point that they had a couple photoshoot thereby capturing their love amidst the beauty of Goa. Without which their wedding would be a little dull. Goa was their hometown and also their wedding destination, and so there couldn’t have been a better choice for a pre-wedding couple photoshoot. Thus, they quickly contacted Lokaso, and got their date booked. She loved the team and their efforts. 

To quote, “Our experience was wonderful. Even though the weather wasn’t favouring us at all, you guys still made the shoot happen. Sarvesh was our photographer and he exactly knew what we wanted and also gave ideas.

He was very accommodating and made sure we are satisfied with the shoot. It was a great experience and something we will cherish since it was our save the date shoot. Thank you team Lokaso.”

18th December was their day! It happened brilliantly and are now happily married under the blessings of their parents.

You too may have a story to share! Whom are you waiting for? Capture your story with the help of Lokaso through your couple photoshoot, and inspire the world with your love story! 

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