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Places to visit In Goa – Top 7 sites for 2021

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It gets really confusing when you have to make a choice between the alluring places to visit in Goa. The shores, clubs and the other touristy spots may not be the ones you would prefer to visit in 2021. It’s way too crowded yet lively. But this is a list for those looking for a romantic getaway and something that has not been explored intensely. The rich green lands and the calm nature is something that is most required for a relaxed trip. Check out which are the most suited places for your trip in Goa.

7. Divar Island – a place you ought to visit while in Goa!!!

A view of Diver island, top listed place to visit in Goa
Image Courtesy: The Global Passenger

The island of Divar has been preserving its scenic beauty till date. The green fields, the old- traditional culture and the architectural homes are a bundle of joy to experience while on a trip to this small piece of beauty. The people too are friendly and they are the ones you’d want to interact with. On the last Saturday of August, we have the Bonderam festival which is celebrated within the vicinity itself. If you want to take a stroll around this island and know the history of the festival, then do not miss a chance to be a part of this unique festival of Goa. 

Tip: During the Monsoons, when the grass is green on all the sides, is the best time to take a ride. 

How to Reach? – Take a ferry at Old Goa, and you’ll reach your destination. 

6. Carambolim Lake – A picturesque beauty of God’s creation!

An image of Lake Carambolim, in Goa
Image Courtesy: Golden Goa

The Carambolim lake is best suited for nature lovers and is considered as a romantic getaway. The numerous species of birds that migrate to this lake especially during the winter season, is the main attraction of the lake. It is a man-made lake, which initially served the purpose to irrigate the surrounding paddy fields. But today, it is known as the Carambolim Bird Sanctuary, giving the rights to the migratory birds and the lake that it deserves.

…We highly recommend a visit to such romantic places in Goa, ‘coz it is here that you’ll find romance breezing through the air

Tip: Bird Watching is the best during the winter season, From December to February.

5. Three Kings Church – One of the beauties of Goa!

Cansaulim church, a picture-perfect place to visit in Goa
Image Courtesy: Timeline Goa Magazine

Others may view this church to be haunted during evenings, but you cannot ignore the place because of the eye-catching hilltop paradise. Have a cup of tea along with your bestie, and enjoy the refreshing air kissing your soft cheeks. Mind you, if you happen to get goosebumps because of the chilling air, do not assume it to be haunted. Just relax and admire the picturesque view that the land offers. 

Tip: Make sure you leave the place before 6 pm, to avoid any paranormal incident. 

4. Fontainhas street- Latin quarters of Goa

An image of the ever-known, Latin quarters, Fontainhas street in Goa.
Image Courtesy: Travel and Leisure India

The Fontainhas also known as the Latin Quarters are an untouched resemblance of the portuguese culture. The bright painted homes along with the typical red rooftops, is the signature style of portuguese architecture. One notable feature is that the structures are painted every year post monsoons, which was a rule laid by Portugal men. No wonder, they still look so stunning! You can visit the several heritage spots at Fontainhas and walk down the lane to taste the essence of its historicity. 

3. Tropical Spice Plantation, Ponda – They are one of the best!

The beautiful greens in a spice plantation area of Ponda, Goa
Image Courtesy: TripAdvisor
A tradition of pouring cold water on the back to feel relaxed.
Image Courtesy: LBB

Above is the image of a tradition followed. After the tiring tour around the plantation land, they pour cool water on your spine, to help you feel relaxed and shake off the exhaustion.  

Located in Keri village, away from pollution, Tropical Spice Plantation welcomes its visitors with all joy. They have their traditions intact. You are welcomed with flowers and are also given a small boost through Goa’s local feni, which is prepared in their premises. The guided tour acquaints us with vast knowledge on several plants and tree species. They also have their butterfly conservatory, where you can watch the life cycle under an expert explanation. Soon, after the long tour, you will be served a delicious Goan thali on a clean banana leaf. The row boat ride helps you watch the different bird species and relax for a while. 

Tip: Do not forget to photograph the colourful butterflies flapping their wings around you. They are unique in their own way!

2. Mahadev Temple, Tambdisurla

Image of Tambdisurla temple, a must to visit place in Goa.
Image Courtesy: IndiaMART

The Mahadev Temple in Tambdi Surla village, is an iconic piece to admire. It is carved out of a single Basalt rock, which was carried to Goa from the Deccan plateau. The four pillars consisting of elephant and chain carvings, support the finely carved ceiling of the temple. All belonging to several religious faiths are allowed to visit this architectural place and admire the western ghats surrounding the land.

Tip: You can bathe in the Tambdi surla waterfall and soothe your sweat glands after a long tour. 

1. Lamgau Caves – Historicity still remains intact!

The picturesque view of Lamgau caves, Goa.
Image Courtesy: India Tourism

Isn’t the facade so adorning? These man-made caves were built with the help of decomposed laterite rocks, which brings us to the fact that they are delicate and hence, need to be preserved. The caves of Lamgau are worth admiring because one can enter them and educate themselves with the several lingas and other religious installments for worship. By visiting this place, you can gain knowledge on how Goa has always been a place demanded by many rulers. Photoshoot yourself in these wild caves and capture awesome memories. 

Tip: Watch out for some creepy crawlies around the caves!

While you are sorting out with the places you’d prefer to visit in Goa, consider some trendy things as well! A professional lens could go handy! These places are worth capturing your visits!

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