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10 Goan Stereotypes we need to get over right now

Sunny beaches, whitewashed churches and fine feni. This is what most tourists see when they get to Goa. It’s no surprise that some myths have slowly crept into the minds of many Indians and foreigners alike.

Let’s look at 10 widely prevalent myths relating to our sunshine state and crack them wide open.

Myths about Goa debunked

Adam and Jamie approve

1. Myth : Goans party like theres no tomorrow
Reality : We wish. We really really do.

This is a big one. But the Irony is that most Goans have never even been to any hardcore parties their entire lives. In fact the only parties most Goans have been to are the New year and Birthday ones.

We’re preoccupied with work and education like everyone else. Sleeping all day and partying all night isn’t going to pay the bills 10 years down the road. Even so if you have a Goan friend then feel free to invite him/her to one. It might just be their first.

Goans and partying


2. Myth : Most Goans are Catholic
Reality : Only 25% of Goans are Catholic.

This is actually an interesting one. It’s pretty obvious why someone would make this assumption. Tourists generally go to North Goa and miss out on the South. Coincidentally most of Goas Catholic population is concentrated in the North.

All festivities are celebrated by everyone with equal enthusiasm here in Goa. The recent Sao Jao festival is one such example.

Regionwise Population of Goa as per 2011 Census

The Pie Chart has spoken
Source: ministry of human resource development

3. Myth : The heritage houses in Goa are Portuguese houses.
Reality : There is not a single proper Portuguese house in Goa

The centuries-old mansions of Goa can be called Indo-Portuguese houses, which have evolved as a fusion of European architectural elements and Indian traditions. However the Old Goa churches are built on European architectural models, the parish churches in Goan villages are actually home-grown designs.

A fun fact is that some temples, particularly those that were relocated, show the influence of Roman architecture in their decorative elements and lamp towers.

Portuguese & Roman inspired Buildings in Fontainhas, Goa

Buildings in Fontainhas, Panjim are the perfect examples

4. Myth : The Dry Season is best for Holidaying in Goa
Reality : Goa is a great place for a Holiday regardless of the Season

It is no doubt that spending a lazy day enjoying the sun, sand, and sea at the beaches can be best relished from October to May, when there is no sign of rainfall. Yet, monsoon in Goa has its own charm. It is the time when the land is greener, the temperature is cool, and the place oozes a feeling of freshness. It is an ideal time to discover the inner regions as well as the natural splendor.

Check out our blog about how to spend monsoons in Goa for more. 

Goa During Monsoons


5. Myth : Goans live on beaches and reside in shacks
Reality : Believe it or not most of us actually live in apartments.

As much fun as it may sound, Long term living in a shack is really difficult. Most Goans don’t even live within 5 kms of any beach. Also, Goans do not sleep on the beach every night, just like people of Nagpur do not eat oranges for all three meals.


6. Myth : Goans drink….like a lot.
Reality : Legend has it that most Goans don’t keep chugging down beer every 30 seconds.

Yes, Goans may drink more than your average Indian. But it’s not to the point where you can simply assume that everyone here does it. Another fun fact is that Goans do not produce Feni in their backyards! 

Unsurprisingly, Goa also has one of the lowest obesity rates in the country. Turns out that most of us don’t even really like the taste of beer.

Yesh, Tyrion. You tell them!

Yeah, Tyrion. You tell them!


7. Myth : Your average Goan goes around wearing an Hawaiian Shirt, Short pants, flip flops and a fedora.
Reality : We wear regular Shirts, Cardigans, T shirts, Jeans, Trousers, Sneakers and everything else the rest of the world wears.

The Stereotyped dressing sense of a Goan


8. Myth : Oh you’re from Goa? You must play Guitar really well.
Reality : Majority of Goans don’t even know how to tune a Guitar. Let alone play one.

Perhaps one day, fam!

Perhaps one day, fam!


9. Myth : Goans are always laidback AKA Susegado.
Reality : Goans can be as hardworking as anyone else.

Goans are one of the most satisfied-with-life people the world has ever seen. All we want is good food, good wine and the good life with song and dance. We really don’t care about making too much money. But, Goans most certainly do take their own time in getting stuff done. This same mentality has crept its way into the Government and some big time projects have simply been abandoned (Skybus for instance). Nevertheless, Goans can most certainly work hard when required.


10. Myth: There is nothing except beaches and forts in Goa.
Reality: Well, You’re in for a shocker! 

National Parks, Lakes, Hills, Waterfalls, historic monuments, centuries old temples and churches, ghats, rivers, villages, wide open lakes, fields, bike rides, secret trials, ferry rides. There’s just so much in Goa that it’s a shame most tourists completely ignore it.

Nevertheless, you can always count on Lokaso to get you covered on these. Do check out our blogs on sightseeing to discover the unseen side of Goa. 

Have you ever been stereotyped before? We’d love to hear your side of the story too. Comment below & let us know!  😉 

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