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5 Books You Need To Read Before Travelling To Goa

On one side there’s visiting some place and then on the other there’s reading about it. But doing both? Now that’s something that can really breathe new life into your next trip; in a sense where it really makes you to start thinking closely about the place you’re visiting. Goa is no different. Unfortunately most tourists tend to ignore the reading part. That and there’s also the chronic shortage of books on the subject to even begin with. If you’re looking forward to some good reads about Goa and the life in this heavenly abode, then you’ve come to the right place.

Here’s our handpicked selection of 5 books about Goa for the bookworm in you.

5. Travel journal Goa

Travel journal is a critically acclaimed series of books that have covered several locations all over the globe including Greenland, Denmark and even Palestine. Travel journal Goa is the perfect traveling companion for anyone up for a visit. Plan and record all details of your trip, the book includes lined and blank pages for writing your daily diary and holiday planning, with handy information tailored for travelers. Lists to help you pack, plan and set budgets are included in this journal. The perfect gift for anyone visiting Goa.

Number of Pages: 116
Year of publication: 2014

Travel Journal Goa  - Books about Goa to be read before travelling to Goa


4. En Route Goa: A Memory Can Taint Your Dreams

En Route Goa is an regarded as an exceptionally beautiful and thought provoking short novella which has Goa as its background. The book itself is only 60 pages big. When you see the title and read the blurb of it, you would never imagine that it can be a horror story.

When your first open it up, you would expect that it is going to be a book where people plan to go to Goa and have adventure there. Perhaps an everyday common story about girl meets boy. And that’s when the author will surprise you. Yes, Abilash Balan will not only electrify your mind with this precise but accurate and crisp narration but also demonstrated the power of brisk storytelling. We dare you to read this book on a train late at night 😉

Number of pages : 58
Year of publication: 2015

Enroute Goa by Abilash Balan - Books about Goa to be read before travelling to Goa


3. 50 things to do in Goa

If you’re planning on visiting Goa on short notice then you’ll find this book extremely uselfull. Nothing fancy here. David Riley covers everything. From finding an adventure, to just sitting back and relaxing, taking a break from life; everything can be done over here. As a guide for the experiences that you can get in the state, the book pretty much covers everything.

David Riley has also covered several other places including Agra, Kolkata and even Salzberg.

Number of pages : 34
Year of publication: 2015

50 Things to do in Goa by David Riley - Books about Goa to be read before travelling to Goa


2. Goa : Confession of the Psychedelic Oyster

This book is about the life of a foreigner in Goa during the 90’s, which unfolds through narratives. It’s a story about Vasya who undergoes a transformation from businessman to psychedelic explorer, and serves time in a Goan jail.
The book revolves around Vasyas prolonged journey through India, where his desires tend to materialize and gradually turns into a bad trip.

Highly suggested read if you’d like to pack your imaginary bags, book a flight, meet your journey’s host Vasiliy, and sip a cup of Goa Psychedelic Nirvana. Go on now, let the journey and trip begin.

Number of pages : 422
Year of publication: 2015

Goa Confession of the psychedelic oyster - Books about Goa to be read before travelling to Goa


1. Gypsies of Goa, It’s a Hippy Trail

Set amidst the 70’s. Gypsies of Goa, it’s a Hippy Trail by Sunil Joglekar is an epic. Two men set out from England for an adventure trip to Goa. Davis, a successful divorcee, and Dave who had an unsuccessful marriage. In Goa, Davis get attracted to a gypsy maiden Shanti and makes her join him in England.

There they get entrapped with drug peddlers, local politicians, police authorities and move to the Goan countryside to take the adventure to the next level. Their follows with unexpected twists and turns…  Gypsies of Goa will leave you with a trail of happy thoughts. Reviews claim that author has taken a lot of care when it comes to character development. You be the judge.

Number of pages : 422
Year of publication: 2016

Gypsies of Goa, It's a Hippy trail by Sunil Joglekar - Books about Goa to be read before travelling to Goa


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