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Bali Vs Goa – The battle of the beaches

Like many travellers hungry for a cheap beach break, you might be in a tight spot. Trying to decide between a trip to Bali or a trip to Goa. Maybe you’re just interested in the beach life. Or perhaps you also want to party and go on road trips.

Bali and Goa both have beautiful beaches and sunshine. Both offer a plethora of things to do and places to stay for every budget. Food is mostly cheap but very different with varying levels of intensity and generous come helpings of fluffy white rice. Lets check out what sets these two places apart.


Goa vs Bali - Beaches of Goa & Beaches of Bali -






Goa vs Bali - Transport in Goa & Transport in Bali



Goa vs Bali - Food in Goa & Food in Bali


That’s all for now, Folks! Despite their differences, both Goa & Bali have a little bit of nearly everything most tourists would want out of a holiday destination. There’s entertainment, there’s culture, and above all there’s sheer natural beauty. 

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