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Goa RTO Hands Out Roses To Drivers To Promote Road Safety

On an average, one person dies every 30 hours in road accidents in the state. There has been a surge in these numbers since the past few months.

Very recently, Goa police, after a detailed analysis of road accidents causes in the state, came out with a list of reasons that led to most of the accidents in the state. It included over-speeding, reckless driving like lane-changing, wrong lane driving, overtaking on the wrong side, drunken driving and jay walking. Even breaking a simple traffic rule of not obeying traffic signals or using mobile phone during driving is not only harmful for you but to the person who might get victimised by your carelessness. 

Safe driving has its own rewards! So as a social welfare initiative to highlight the importance of traffic safety for drivers and pedestrians, The Goa Tourism along with the RTO did something amazing yesterday. The Goa RTO team members handed out roses to drivers complying with traffic rules as a token of appreciation. They appealed to all tourists to drive safely and follow all traffic safety rules while holidaying in Goa. Such a small gesture can be the first step towards reducing the number of lives lost due to accidents, you never know. Kudos to the efforts!




Credits: Goa Tourism Department

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