Elephant bath in Goa : Have you tried it yet

Did you know that Goa is not just about the beaches and nightlife? It might surprise you that elephants in Goa are some of the sweetest on the planet. And that makes them perfect for an elephant bath in Goa.

Enjoy the experience of a lifetime as you play around a pool with the giant elephants and bathe them under the guidance of a professional guide! Take home the fun and joy of rural life and have a look at the beautiful sights around you that make Goa a place worth visiting for many reasons!


Elephant bath in Goa: Where it is at

There are a handful of places to experience an elephant bath in Goa. Most are at spice plantations that have specially trained elephants that are perfect for hanging out with tourists.  The western ghats are also a great place to watch wild elephants and other wild animals in their natural habitat.


Sahakari Spice plantation, Ponda

If you’re looking for an efficiently guided and organized elephant bathing experience then the Sahakari spice plantations at Ponda are a great place to start. Tours leave every morning with on the spot registration. In addition to the elephant bath in Goa, you will also receive a guided tour of the entire plantation alongside a filling buffet. There’s also beer and Feni for the adventurous lot. The climax of the entire tour is of course – an elephant bath in Goa.

elephant bath in Goa - elpehants in goa - goa elephants - goa wildlife - goa wildlife tour

Image courtesy : Pradeep Beniwal

Jungle Book Resort

If you’re looking for an all-around experience complete with great added accommodation, then the Jungle book resort will work just fine. Being no stranger to elephant tours – Jungle book guarantees an experience like no other. The elephants here are so well mannered in fact, that they will go the extra mile to make sure you get a great bath too.

elephant bath in Goa - elpehants in goa - goa elephants - goa wildlife - goa wildlife tour

Image courtesy: Mitanshu Kotru


Elephant Bath in Goa: Cost

An elephant bath in Goa is one of those experiences that really don’t cost much considering the memories you shall have for a really long time. Maybe even a lifetime. A days guided tour plus a nights accommodation at Jungle book can cost around Rs. 3000 per head. Sahakari, of course, offers a more economical experience at Rs. 900 per head. It is highly recommended that you spare no expense if you plan on doing this only once.  

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Elephant Bath in Goa: Bonus tips

Being the very unique activity that it is, an elephant bath is unfortunately not for everyone. Although tours usually don’t deny entry to anyone. It’s not recommended that you undertake an elephant bath in Goa if you are older than 65. It’s also a good idea to leave children below the age of 10 out of this ordeal as they can be very unpredictable towards wild animals they’ve never seen before.


A tour during the summer or off season during the winter is highly recommended.  


elephant bath in Goa - elpehants in goa - goa elephants - goa wildlife - goa wildlife tour

Image courtesy : Aditya Channekar


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