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Street Shopping in Goa : Here’s where you should do it

When in Goa, shop like a Goan. After all, multi storied malls and air conditioned elevators are everywhere. But street shopping in Goa? It doesn’t get any better. And it’s not just the chilled out yet chaotic vibes either. Unlike your usual shopping experience, you can get almost anything you want with enough bargaining skills and lady luck in your hands. So why not experience the real Goan adventure? Here are 5 Street shopping spots all over Goa that will make you drool like never before.


Le Souk

Le Souk by Amarya is Goa’s first luxury street market. Open every day at Ashwem beach, this exclusive open-air bazaar mirrors the tented stores and exotic articles from Moroccan bazaars. Le Souk invites shoppers to browse through clothes by some very reputed brands in Goa. Perhaps the only place in the world where these brands sell in roadside stalls. Be sure to shop at Jonas G for men’s casual apparel as its pretty much to only place in Goa to get those.  


Image Courtesy : Cnet Treveller

Saturday Night Market in Arpora

This might just end up being your favorite place to go in Goa. This world famous night market is near Club Cubana and has adequate parking for bikes, but not cars. You’re best to be dropped off to avoid dealing with traffic.

This is a place to PARTY. You cannot bring in drinks though. However, there are multiple bars inside. A few funky soul music type ones too (that sometimes plays reggae too?), and a couple of trance bars. The market itself has a massive collection of spices, herbs, indian deities figures and much much more.

Saturday Night Market, Arpora, North Goa, Goa

Credits: Boris Ivanov

Mapusa Market

Do you want a mosquito net that floats your bed? Or metal vessels that resemble Buddha installations? Do you want to lose your mind in the heady chaos of the Friday market, when baskets of fresh produce arrive from all over Goa? Well, Mapusa is one of Goa’s most authentic bazaar outposts and is the best place to kill an idle morning. It’s worth coming here on Friday morning to experience the bustling weekend grocery shopping. Watch Goans travel from all over the state to buy their fresh fish and other ingredients and utensils that make up a traditional kitchen. The market is open every day from 8 am to 6 pm.

Goan Sausages Sold at Mapusa Market - What to Shop in Goa

Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

Margao Municipal Market

Also known as ‘New market’, Margao Municipal Market is located in the East of the municipal garden. You will find every kind of fish, meat, fruits, and vegetables available here. Any product that is not available in any other market or is out of season currently is available here. This is an amazing place for photography and food lovers. It is perfect for seafood lovers as well. Friday is a weekly bazaar day. Otherwise, this market is open daily from 7.30 am to 8 pm.

Image courtesy : Flickr


Beachside Designers Village

Beachside designers village located on Ashwem beach is India’s first luxury marketplace. And unlike most flea markets, it remains open throughout the week. The open air beachside bazaar has both local and international designers displaying their wares in huge tents in the shade of coconut groves. Making it a perfect spot for some impromptu local shopping. It’s not too far either.

Image courtesy : TravelGo


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