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Dubai Rains: On the brighter side!

Ever imagined floods in the desert? Well, here’s a surprise nature has got to offer! The picturesque deserts of Dubai and the vast cosmopolitan city has been flooded since the past few days with unexpected heaviest rains and thunderstorms. Through this article, let’s find out more about the current state of Dubai Rains and the things one could still do to remain positive in the times of need. 

Floods in a desert! How’s that possible? 

Cloud seeding is a technique that’s been used across countries to artificially create rain. Similarly, UAE too sought to look for alternatives to bring rain to the deserted humid lands of the Emirates. By creating an environmentally friendly technique, the UAE government has been using the cloud seeding technique since 2002. 

While many have come to believe that cloud seeding is the reason for the extreme rains in Dubai, it was still an attempt to provide the nation with the gift of occasional rainfall. 

Having said that, the actual cause for the rainfall still remains unknown 😶‍🌫️ Whether it’s the changing climate or cloud seeding, we are yet to find out! 

How Dubai government speeds up draining!

Dubai rains

Considering that the Emirates has never before expected such a huge amount of rainfall, the drainage system was built to sustain the regular flow, that is, very low rainfall rates. However, looking at the recent changes, the UAE government will hopefully come up with quick solutions to reach out to the needs of their people. 

Areas and modes of transport to avoid during Dubai Rains

Shopping carts amidst dubai floods
#New Business Setup, amidst Dubai Rains! 
  • Avoid going to the International Dubai Airport, unless you’ve got your private boat😂
  • Avoid low lying areas especially with your cars! 
  • Avoid going to the beachside, to escape being struck by a thunderstorm⚡
  • Avoid Dubai Metro services as they have been severely affected with the floods
  • Short travel can be done through shopping carts😃🛒

History has proven, people do get creative during difficult times. The best transport system at the moment are the shopping carts that the locals have been using to cross the flooded areas as ferry services! 😉

This positive spirit of the people speaks highly about Dubai and its people. Their innovative ideas and adaptability to unprecedented times will definitely help them get through the Dubai Rains. 

Facilities provided by the Dubai Government! 

Dubai floods
  • WFH facilities have been made available to keep the work still going.
  • Those stranded at metro stations are being provided free bus services to reach their destinations.
  • The government is also working out ways to protect it’s nation from these terrifying floods
  • Rescue teams have been employed for quick services on road
  • The authorities and communities in UAE have been clearing road debris to avoid accidents 
  • Schools and colleges have been shut down

On the brighter side… check out how you can still keep yourself entertained! 

Things to enjoy amidst the Dubai Rains! 

1. A quality family time! 

If you’re a busy workaholic, then the universe is giving you an opportunity to spend some quality time with your loved ones. Play a game of scrabble with your kids or maybe help them with their homework. Even the simplest thing will still spread love! 

2. Help your spouse in household chores! 

Not used to helping out with daily chores? Don’t worry! Your wife will definitely teach you how😂. Just surprise her with a few magical words. “Let me help you do the dishes” that’s all you need to say to win her heart all over again!😉

3. Let the kids fly their paper planes and roar their tiny boats! 

It’s definitely a rare occasion to see rain in the UAE. Why not make the best use of it? Let your kids safely play with their paper boats, dance in the water and enjoy their childhood with these rains. But mind you, you may need to prepare a cup of hot chocolate milk as soon as they are back drenched in the rains. 

One final tip – Stay calm and positive, ‘coz Dubai will definitely see a brighter day!😃

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