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5 Instagram bloggers in Bali that’ll leave you craving for more

While there are countless major news and lifestyle sites that cover Bali. What still remains as a vital resource for hyper-local, hard-nosed reporting are people who actually live there.

After all, neighborhood bloggers are just as bummed about the closure of the corner Wok joint and just as furious at the unhealthy alternatives as you are. Here are some of our absolute favorite Instagram bloggers in Bali from Tabnan to Denpasar.

5. Annisa Fitri

Annisa is a hijab Instagram blogger in Bali, she adores the principles of modest fashion into her style. Although hijab is a controversial fashion statement in a lot of the western world. Annisa dresses to inspire others to be confident with their own magic. She also frequently blogs about her favourite spots in and around Bali.


4. @indosurflife

Who doesn’t like an exciting day out at the beach? After all, there’s no better way to get your adrenaline pumping than hitting the waves on a surfboard. @indosurflife is an Instagram blogger in Bali that features a whole lot of water sport adventures. So whether you’re an expert surfer or someone who’s never tried it, this Instagram account will inspire you to just ride the wave. 


3. Tabitha Budiman

If you love the style and fashion of then you can’t go wrong with this Instagram blogger. Tabitha has an inspiring look for every occasion: workout afternoon, day out, formal dinner, or a day at one of Bali’s many lavish resorts. 

She sticks to staying classy with a  keen attention to detail, as seen in her compelling style pictures. 


2. @doyoutravel

This Instagram travel blogger in Bali makes frequent trips around the world with his girlfriend, but Bali is a consistent destination in their lives and Instagram feeds, including this incredible shot with some of the most majestic animals the country has to offer.


1. Bali Bible

With a million followers on hand, the Bali Bible is the ultimate guide to exploring the island’s hidden coves, beaches and so much more.  This Bali Instagram blogger includes must-see destinations and events as well as the latest deals for Bali-wide restaurants and adventures.


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