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Top 7 Tips for an Underwater Photoshoot!

A photoshoot is most obviously a trending highlight among the youth. But have you ever thought about an underwater photoshoot? It’s adventurous and awesome. If you’ve previously checked out photographs of underwater photoshoots, you might have noticed the natural flora underwater beautifully designs every backdrop in your photographs, thus making it an exotic piece of nature to be captured. It may sound a little difficult to pose underwater, but if you choose to opt for an underwater photoshoot, you’ll certainly love yourself. Here are a few tips to help you prep up for your underwater photoshoot. Check them out!

7. Practice breathing techniques

The more you fill your lungs with air, the more you will feel choked! Hence, the key to remaining calm underwater is to let out the excessive air and try to adjust with the residual oxygen left. You also need to practice holding your breath so that there’s less panic and more calm postures. 

6. Keep your poses and movements slow

Image courtesy: starto_b

Avoid switching poses too quickly. Try keeping your movements slow, so that the photography team can take steady shots. Letting yourself loose into the water will also give a beautiful mermaid-like view, thereby building creativity in every snap. 

5. Check your expressions

You ought to remain calm and composed during the shoot. If not, it’ll affect your facial expressions, thereby giving you funny yet weird shots. Imagine seeing yourself in the photographs as somebody who was kidnapped to take an underwater photoshoot😐! How annoying would that look! Therefore, remember to maintain your facial expressions according to poses. 

4. Transparent outfits look great underwater!

This is one of the most important tips you need to try during your underwater photoshoot. Flowy transparent outfits attract the translucent shades from the water, thus making it look beautiful. For women, untied hair can enhance the beauty of your outfit as well. Thus, opt for a see through outfit to get some angelic shots!

3. Learn underwater communication signs

Since sound waves do not travel underwater, it is indeed difficult to communicate amongst each other. Therefore, you along with the photography team need to discuss signs in order to communicate well. Remember, with lack of communication, one will only be wasting time out of frustration. 

2. Avoid looking directly on camera!

Direct eye-contact, under water do not look as good as candid poses. Your photographs can be made magical when your eyes are off camera. Hence remember to focus on some aquatic plants or the fishes to get perfect poses. 

1. Choose your moves and practice them beforehand!

Image courtesy: secondstar.creativity / https://bit.ly/3luxXt5

Practicing or imagining the poses you have decided is mandatory especially during an underwater photoshoot – or it might just go down the drain! Hence, do not over-practice but slightly be prepared to bring your imagination to reality 😊

Therefore, remember these underwater photoshoot tips, check out for poses, try them in a pool, choose the best outfit and opt for a professional team of Goa photographers. To get your underwater photoshoot booked, contact Lokaso for further assistance😉

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