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7 Delicious Wraps for Goans On The Go

Image Courtesy: Zomato (Tibbs Frankie)

Kathi Roll, Falafel Roll, Frankie, Shawarma. Many avatars, one true form – the wrap is here to stay. Easy to make, crunchy, take-it-on-the-go and dripping with taste, these wraps have captured the taste buds of all demographics, from clingy 5 years olds to rebellious teenagers to exhausted 9 to 5 white collar men.You might be gobbling them up by different names, but essentially they are one and the same. And we are here to give Goans some more of it.

These are the 7 places to find the best wraps across Goa:

1. Carasid

Where: Panaji
Cost for Two: ₹200

A brightly lit bakery that specialises in desserts and bakes, Carasid is known for its variety in pastries and cakes. But the other delicious item on their menu is the Pita wrap. Served with freshly baked Pita bread and a vegetable stuffing, the wrap is best had with a Mango shake and a slice of Rainbow Ecstasy. Try this lip-smacking combo the next time you’re in Panjim!


Courtesy: Carasid-Facebook

2. Rolls Mania, Gastronut

Where: Panaji
Average Cost for a Roll: ₹90

With branches opening in most cities, Rolls Mania now offers its delicious rolls in the heart of Goa. If you’re looking for a decent, easy-on-the-pocket place with great taste and variety, Gastronut is your best bet. Rapidly becoming a favourite of the college crowd, Gastronut offers the much needed advantage of being open post midnight (till 1am). And that’s not all. With rolls ranging from 35-160, all hunger sizes are taken care of at this joint. The Mughlai roll and the Chicken Kheema are a must try.


Courtesy: Imgrum

3. Kolkata Rolls

Where: Panaji
Average Cost for a Roll: ₹60

Another fast food chain that has caught the fancy of Goans, Kolkata Rolls serves piping hot kathi rolls. The chain is aptly named after the place where the kathi roll originated from, Kolkata. Nominal pricing and speedy service ensure that you can always take one on the go.

Kolkata Rolls

Courtesy: Kolkata Rolls-Facebook

 4. Kathi Junction

Where: Calangute
Average Cost for a Roll: ₹120

Although the name says Kathi, this neat little place in Calangute has kebabs, curries, biryanis, and breads too on its menu. A late lunch would be perfect at this quiet establishment which is close to the beach too.


Courtesy: Zomato

5. Shimon Falafel

Where: Arambol
Average Cost of a Roll: ₹160

This quaint place is showing all the signs of becoming the perfect restaurant: immaculate taste, great pricing and quick service with a smile. If you’re a true fan of Falafel or Middle Eastern cuisine on the whole, you must come here. While the restaurant specialises in Israeli cuisine, one must definitely try the Falafel Lafa Roll or Falafel Pita Pocket. And just like that, you’ll be regular here!

Courtesy: Fourquare

Courtesy: Foursquare

6. Haji Ali Shawarma

Where: Panjim
Average Cost for a roll: ₹70

Though Haji Ali is a full fledged restaurant, it has created itself a reputation for the super-delicious shawarmas that they offer. Their specialty is that they have two shawarma grills, one with regular marinated chicken and one with a spicy marinade. Located near the Caculo Mall, this place is always buzzing with youngsters waiting for their takeaway orders of various tandoori items.


Courtesy: Talking Street

7. Tibb’s Frankie

Where: Penha De Franca
Average Cost for a Roll: ₹70

Tibb’s needs no introduction, does it? Considered the ‘frankie specialist’ by almost all who’ve taken a bite of their frankies, Tibb’s has now arrived in Goa too. Known for their unique flavour, they offer both vegetarian as well as non vegetarian frankies. Come here in case of midday hunger pangs and you’ll be satisfied.

Courtesy: Zomato

Courtesy: Zomato

With the wrap-fever gripping Goa, try these 7 places each day of the week, and you’ll be sorted for the next 7 too!

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