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8 Best Student Photographers in Goa everyone should follow

Photography is a skill, and not anyone with a top of the line DSLR can pull it off. Nevertheless, some of the best photographs are those that are shot by students with limited resources. In fact, Goa seems to have no shortage of these very talented student photographers who really know how to pull off the perfect shot every time. From jaw-dropping portraits to ridiculously beautiful landscapes. Here are some student photographers in Goa you NEED to follow right away.

8. @iakanshaa

On the lookout for some very high-quality photographs featuring celebrities and models? Also, need your daily fix on some very interesting subjects captured at places in Goa and beyond? Then @iakanshaa might just be the student photographer in Goa you need to follow right away.

7. @silveiras_photography

Jhurran Silveira’s playful portraiture is a dramatic take on an average Goans everyday life, and his chronicles of various cultures throughout the state have made him one great artistic documentarian. With the unique and raw style that carries the lo-fi aesthetic of the countryside, Jhurrans work is gritty and graphically striking.



6. @cam_freak

Viresh Parsekar is a student photographer who is better known for his almost professional looking and very unique clicks.  He likes taking on a new perspective and can oftentimes be seen capturing shots that your average joe might not even consider click-worthy.



5. @indubenny

Tired of all your friends low-light, blurry and grainy Instagram pictures mucking up your feed? Why not follow Indu Benny. She travels all over Goa capturing shots of people doing seemingly normal things, yet her pictures seem extremely interesting at the same time. A huge chunk of her work has been shot indoors, giving them a particularly unique perspective.


4. @danielsouzaphoto

A picture speaks a thousand words, and the same couldn’t be truer than for weddings. Daniel D’souza is a student photographer in Goa who captures great wedding shots alongside portrait shots of people and other eye-catching inanimate stuff. Including some really yummy looking food. You can also hire him through @flaskbakcstudios, who he works with on the side.


3. @arunabh_bhattacharjee

A winner of several contests including GEC Spectrum 2017 and Compcast 2K16, Arunabh Bhattacharjee has traveled quite a bit and captured some really beautiful shots, quotes, and portraits from Goa and beyond.  

Has also been featured on several places online including, The Ideal Indian and Photoflare 2016. With a mixture of landscape, wildlife, culture, & self-portrait photographs, he showcases his life on the road through India, one state at a time.

Following the mantra of “do what you love”, Arunabh has also captured some jaw-dropping shots from Prévessin, Geneva and Rue de Lyon.

2. @leeroy_fernandes_12

Engineers are known for their ungodly power of being able to ‘jugad’ on pretty much anything. And Leeroy here sets the bar high doing just that. Despite the lack of a proper DSLR, Leeroy never seems to cease to impress with his particularly oddly satisfying clicks. All shot on his trusty OnePlus 5.

From the usual scenery shenanigans to the daily mundane turned exciting. He does it all pretty well. In fact, his insect shots are so good, that one might be tempted to call them fake. Be sure to check him out and stay tuned. Hopefully, he might just get a proper camera one day.

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1. @vaishnav.varkhat

Vaishnav Varkhat is perhaps one of South Goa’s best photographers. And with good reason. His shots are extremely well lit and good. But what really sets him apart are his post-capture edits that add a whole new level of awesome.  While his Instagram page mostly captures nature, Vaishnav does not shy away when it comes to capturing the personable and very welcome images of happy people living the Sushegad way.

He also has a youtube channel. Where you can follow his vlogs as he blissfully sails Goa capturing life beyond the mainstream.



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