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12 Must-Try Local Street Food In Goa

Indian streets is very popular for its cheap and tasty street food. Every Indian city has its own specialty that the local people are frenzied about. More like Mumbai, even Goa has a craze for the Chatpata Vada Pav. But, what takes over the Goan streets at night are the numerous Cutlet bread and Ras Omlette stalls which are for sure the first choice among Goans when it comes to Street Food in Goa. 

Here are a few of Goa’s most famous and versatile Street Food Places that might just make you drool over your keyboard.

1) Ravi’s Ras Omlette near Panjim Church Square, Goa

One of the most delicious street food that you can relish only in Goa is the humble Ros Omlet. Each plate has a fluffy omelette filled with finely chopped coriander and onions smothered with a ladleful of Spicy Chicken Xacuti Gravy. And of course, without a freshly baked Goan Pao (Bread) as an accompaniment, this masterpiece remains incomplete. The best place to grab yourself a plate of Ras Omlette is at Ravi’s Ras Omlette Gaado near Panjim Church. His stall opens at 7 pm and operates till late at night (Even till 2 am sometimes)

Where: 18th June Rd, Opp. Panjim Immaculate Church, Panjim, Goa

What: Ras Omlet at Rs.40 & Chicken Xacuti at Rs.70

Ros Omlette at Panjim Church Square Goa

Courtesy: goanfoodie.blogpost.com

2) Chaat Stalls at Miramar Beach, Goa

Take the famed DB Road along the Mandovi to Miramar till you hit a roundabout. A few metres from there, you can spot a number of colourful carts lit up in bright light and selling all kinds of North Indian Chaats. Shev puri, Pav bhaji, Bhel, Ragda tikkis – You name it and they have it. If you walk a little further ahead, you will also find one or two Shawarma stalls that are always crowded and an Ice Gola cart to cool you off after a roller coaster ride of spices. 

P.S. The Stall no. 20 run by an old man is a crowdpuller for his tasty Puchkas or Pani Puris since few decades. 

Where: Miramar Beach, Goa

What: Shev Puri, Pani Puri, Ice Gola & Shawarma  😛 

Street Food and Chaat Stalls Outside Miramar Beach, Goa

Courtesy: Travellerstories

3) Cutlet Pao from Costa’s or Umao’s, St.Cruz, Goa

A row of small, blue carts set up shop adjacent to the church boundary wall of St.Cruz everyday once the sun sets in. These little street food carts are not only a popular meeting spot, but also has a minimum 15-minute waiting. After layering a bread with a home-style gravy, and topping it up with cabbage salad, the Umao (Brother in Konkani) tucks in a large chunk of crumb fried meat and hands it over.  We’d definitely recommend making a pit stop at the Umao’s or the Costa’s carts in St.Cruz to get a bite of these lovelies. 

Where: Outside St. Cruz Church, Near the Playground, Goa

What: Cutlet Bread (Rs.60), Fish Chops and Beef Tongue Roast (Rs.50)

Costas Fast Food, Opp. St Cruz Church, Goa

Courtesy: Tasteofgoa

4) Haji Ali Shawarma, St.Inez, Goa

Though Haji Ali is a full fledged restaurant, it has created itself a reputation for the super-delicious shawarmas that they offer. Their specialty is that they have two shawarma grills, one with regular marinated chicken and one with a spicy marinade. Located near the Caculo Mall, this place is always buzzing with youngsters waiting for their takeaway orders of various tandoori items and street food. 

Where: Shop No.4/5, T.R Mansion, Near Caculo Ford Showroom, St. Inez, Panjim

What: Plate Shawarma or Spicy Shawarman at Rs. 70

5) Dom Pedros, Margao & Vasco, Goa

A simple bakery located near the central circle in Old Margao selling freshly made Goan snacks among the other items. The highlight of the plethora of fried goodies that they offer is the Prawns Rissois which is a Portuguese origin, batter-fried snack with a creamy filling of prawns. Apart from that they are also known for delicious Beef Samosas, Cheese cutlets, Spring Rolls & Doughnuts. They have a secondary outlet in Vasco too.

Where: Pajifond, Margao 

What: Prawn Rissois at Rs. 12 and Samosas at Rs. 10 – 15

Dom Pedros Cafe, MArgao, Goa- Prawns Rissois

Courtesy: Talkingstreet

6) KK Lovely Frankies, Caranzalem, Goa

Far away from all the glamour of fine wine and billion dollar food chains lies a humble stall run by a 50-year-old bloke and his son. Offering a short yet simple menu of frankies that could very possibly be the best in Goa. With a price range that starts from just 30 rupees, there’s not much one can’t afford.  P.S. They are open only during evenings. 

Where: Blue coloured stall near Rosary Church, Opp. Dafodills salon, Caranzalem, Panjim, Goa

What: Jumbo Frankie with Eggs and Mayo at Rs. 80 – 100 (According to the meat)

KK Lovely Frankies, Caranzalem, Panjim, goa

Egg & Chicken Frankie at KK Lovely Frankies, Caranzalem, Panjim, goa

7) D’Silva Fast Food, Miramar, Goa

Located near the small Miramar beach in Panjim, Mr. D’Silva’s is famous for its juicy and flavorful cutlet and choris pav. The aromatic cutlet breads have large rava-fried fillet of vinegar-tempered beef/chicken, marinated in Goan spice paste and cooked to perfection. They also serve good beef chilly fry, beef croquettes as well as pork chops. Enough to say that it already made your mouth water, Right?  ?

Where: Dr Jack de Sequeira Rd, Miramar, Panjim, Goa

What: Beef Cutlet or Chicken Cutlet Bread at Rs. 60

DSilva Fast food Centre - Chicken Cutlet Pave with Salad and Gravy

Courtesy: Thomas Zacharias

8) Sundha Bhel Puri Centre, Vasco da gama, Goa

When low on cash yet want to have something tasty, this place is a saviour for those residing in Vasco. The rates are reasonable with a decent amount of hygiene as compared to the other roadside vendors.  The Pav bhaji and Bhel are worth a shot over here.

Where: D.E. Jose Vaz Road, Vasco, Goa

What: Bhel Puri at Rs.25 & Butter Pav Bhaji at Rs.50

Sundha Bhel Centre, Vasco da Gama, goa

Courtesy: Zomato

9) Texeiras, Ribandar, Goa

Tucked away in the annex of the Ribandar chapel is a counter, behind which a man is busy frying chops with one hand, while plating a chilly fry with the other. George Texeira, who runs this small business, is well known for his juicy and flavourful Beef chilly. Even his Pork Chops with a simple salad on the side have gained quite the fame. Yet another Cutlet Bread place that loves upto its expectations. 

Where: Remedios Chapel, Ribandar, Goa

What: Pork Chops, Beef Chilly & Cutlet Bread (Rs.70)

10) Alankar Theatre Street Food, Mapusa, Goa

Right in front of the Alankar movie theatre in Mapusa, the whole street comes to life during the evenings with food vendors springing into action at their little stalls. There are 6 to 8 make-shift stalls that offer Chinese, tandoori and Goan food along with fresh juices and milkshakes. The portion sizes are large-hearted and locals often pack food from here for dinner. Though most of them serve Chinese fare, it is still one of the most buzzing street food places in Goa. 

Where: 40, Rua do Pinto Cordeiro, Alankar Theatre, Mapusa, Goa

What: Chinese Food & Tandoori



Courtesy: Talking Street

11) Sandeep’s Vada Pav, Ponda, Goa

Set up in the 80s, Sandeep’s Cold Drinks is famous across Ponda for the Mumbai-special vada pav. Located outside the Ganesh temple at Farmagudi, his shop is frequented by the students of PES college and GEC. The extra care that he takes to season the mouth-watering potato filling that goes inside each vada and the green chutney made with chillies and garlic make them tastier than ever. Just ask anyone at Farmagudi to take you to Sandeep’s stall, they will in fact accompany you there for a bite. Who would want to miss that?  😀 

Where: Near the Ganesh Temple, Farmagudi, Ponda, Goa

What: Vada Pav with Limbu Soda

Sandeeps Vada Pav, Farmagudi, Ponda, Goa

Courtesy: @foodofgoa

12) Cutlet Bread from Betalbatim, Goa

Craving for a crunchy cutlet Pao but can’t afford to travel all the way from Margao to Miramar or St.Cruz to have one. We’ve got your back here. Head over to Betalbatim and you will find a small eatery painted in a vivid blue, just 100 metres away from the Da Tita italian restaurant. At a meagre price of Rs.50, they will serve you Deep fried cutlet made of Chicken or Beef snuck inside a home-made Goan Poie Bread with some salad and saucy gravy to top it off. 

Where: Close to Da Tita, Betalbatim, Goa

What: Chicken Cutlet Bread at Rs. 50

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Feeling hungry already? Don’t go as yet. Here’s a small video on the livelihood of street vendors across Goa who have been winning hearts of all the late night foodies here. 

Head over to the nearest street food eatery near you and relish what the Goan streets has to offer you. And while you do, don’t forget to click some pictures and post it as a local tip on Lokaso App. Your picture might help hundreds of travellers hunting for a fast food around your locality. Tap the button to start posting! 

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