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5 Talented Goan Singers You’ll Love To Hear

There’s a whole music scene happening right here in Goa that you probably don’t even know about. Don’t get your head in a twist though, we’re here to help.

There’s the usual indie, pop, rap, EDM – you name it.

But there’s a special kind of music that’s really mostly available to people who spend their time (and sometimes their entire lives) in the beautiful state of Goa.

In fact some of the artists on this list have been in the Goan music industry for decades.



5. Remo Fernandes

Remo Fernandes

The legend himself at his home studio in Siolim
Image courtesy : Wikipedia


Born in 1953, Remo Fernandes is an extremely talented singer. His most famous song ‘Ya Ya Maya Ya’ has unarguably single handedly rocked pretty much almost every Goan wedding ever.

Back in his school days Remo developed natural guitar playing skills and along with a talented group of friends, he formed a school band named “The Beat 4”.

He wrote his first songs around this time, at age 14, winning 1st prizes in all-Goa competitions for best composer, best vocalist, and best lead guitarist. Talk about a prodigy.  



4. Amit Naik (Waking Grunt)

Amit Naik (Walking Grunt)

Image courtesy : Youtube

Although not exactly a celebrity by any means. Amit Naik is an aspiring Konkani singer who takes a keen interest in producing music videos based on Goa. His parody on the song ‘Why this Kolaveri di’ that took on the issue of mining in Goa was well received.

Usually going by his stage name ‘The Waking Grunt”. He recently quit his job and looks forward to being the face of the Goan music industry in the coming years.



3. Wahida Carmen Gomes

Wahida Carmen Gomes


Wahida was never short of inspiration. The musician has kept herself busy in music from the age of five and now she pretty much sings professionally at plenty of events, gatherings and even church choirs all across Goa for over a decade now. Her vast playlist of songs expands across Hindi, English, Portuguese and of course Konkani !


Read more about her here


2. Lorna Cordeiro

Lorna Cordeiro

Image courtesy : The Telegraph

Lorna is perhaps the oldest singer in Goa. Having been a dominant force in the Goan music industry since the 70’s. Boy was that a long long time ago. From the age of 15, for 9 years, Lorna sang as a Jazz singer in Star Hotels and Nightclubs in Bombay, Delhi, Calcutta, Madras and Bangalore.

Undoubtedly her most popular song is Bebdo. Which despite being decades old at this point can still be heard being played at plenty of events in Goa. Perhaps it was because of the songs catchy and hilarious lyrics which were just unforgettable.



1. Sonia Shirsat

Even after 56 years of independence. The Portuguese influence in Goa can sometimes still be heard echoing its narrow streets and events. So why let all this potential go to waste?

Cue Fado. Its a traditional semi-classical Portuguese style of music that not many people know in India.  Sonia Shirsat and her blissful voice have performed across the world and she’s considered Goa’s best Fado singer.

Hey, don’t take our word for it. Hear it yourself. (Headphones recommended)



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