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6 Things Every Goan Can Relate To

Facebook, by its very nature, brings people together as a society through various groups and community pages. It’s being used as a hub that relies on the growing connections between its members. Even a small state like Goa has a number of pages that talks about the unique attractions of this coastal paradise.

One such page, You know you’re Goan when a.k.a Goenkar Patrao has become viral among the locals of Goa. Started by Steve Faleiro a few years back, it speaks about those famous Konkani statements and gestures that every Goan can relate to. It also features some of the unseen pictures of Goa right from the Portuguese Era. With a strong nostalgia in the air, this page is something which has brought the spirit of Goa together in the recent years. 

Here are the best 6 statements which you can totally relate to if you’re a Goan  😆 


Literally at every Goan wedding!



Because carrying clothes in your luggage is too mainstream  😛 



Not to forget the *facepalm* that comes along!



Ofcourse, That one extra piece seals the deal.



Not like you’d know it even if they were! 



*Honk Honk* Arre, Poder aelo mure !


Comment below if you have any other interesting Goan statements that cracks you up every single time. 

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Featured Image Credits: Mario Miranda

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