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5 Best Local Tips About Goa This Week

Image Credits: TripAdvisor (Barrels&Bones)

The events in Goa are aplenty throughout the year irrespective of the tourists inflow or the seasonal changes. Without much ado, we give you some of the best local tips posted by locals over this week that caught our eye. It will surely catch yours too! 😉

1.  Goa Marathon 2017, Panjim


Lokaso Tip:  “Run across the scenic Mandovi River at Goa Marathon. It is for a greater social cause. So, Register and Run!”

Goa Marathon is an annual event organized by El Shaddai Charitable Trust to raise funds for the homeless Children. It aims is to raise awareness of the need to alleviate the suffering of the underprivileged. This is the 6th Edition and it has dedicated sections and rules for all kinds of people, right from the first time marathoners to veteran runners and walkers. You can register yourself under the desired category over here – Goamarathon.org

2. Kesarval Waterfalls, Verna


Lokaso Tip: “If you are around Verna, Visit Kesarval waterfall. Bathing in these mineral-infused waters is a great way to absorb the medicinal properties of nature”

Kesarval Waterfall, also known as Kesarval Spring, is located 22 Kms away from Panaji on Verna plateau off the Panaji-Margao highway. The waterfall is surrounded by tropical woodlands and swaying betel palms and emerges from the hard rocks. This place has a reputation of having medicinal properties in its waters to make it an excellent choice for a soul cleansing vacation. 

3. Barrels & Bones Restaurant, Panjim


Lokaso Tip: “Try the scrumptious beef steak from Barrels n Bones. Its priced at Rs.600 but is worth the money and fills your tummy too 😀 ” – Aishwarya Krishnan

Barrels & Bones is the best steakhouse in Panjim City. It is a BBQ and Grills specialty restaurant with a rustic ambience. Situated in the heritage-rich Fontainhas area, it serves a range of appetizers, fresh breads, salads, sides, extras, pizza and main course with dips to go alongside.

4. Ganesh Juice Corner, Chapora


Lokaso Tip: “Don’t miss out on Ganesh Juice Corner when in Chapora. Their strawberry shake and avocado drink are a must-try. You can thank me later 😉 ” – Rajat Kishore

This small outlet set up in the corner of the streets of Chapora. A very popular juice bar in North goa owing to its prime tourist-prone location. Enjoy a huge variety of juices, lassi, icecream and shakes including an avocado variation that is simply amazing. What more? All their offerings are very affordable too. 

5. Chapel of Jesus Nazareth, Siridao


Lokaso Tip: “A small and peaceful chapel situated at Siridao. Thousands of devotees come here during the feast which is held on the week of Easter”

The quaint architecture of the Jesus of Nazareth chapel at Siridao holds a key to evidence of pre-Portuguese Christianity and a multicultural society in the area. The centuries-old chapel appears to be an extension of a smaller dome-shaped original. Some even say that this chapel could have a Jewish history. Tradition of serving Canji (A Goan version of Porridge) is observed on the feast day of this chapel, which is held a sunday after Easter.


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