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Dubai French Village: Visit Europe by staying right here in UAE 😄

Riverland in Dubai, is one such must visit destination which can transport you to 4 different countries while you’re still in UAE, to get a peek into our past histories. One of the best zones to visit at Riverland is the French Village of Dubai. Have you ever wondered what Europe was like during the 1600s? Well if you didn’t, I definitely did! It was a world of music, architecture, picturesque towers that all probably smelt just like coffee. You too should definitely be a part of this French culture. Check out why!

Jaw-dropping Replica of European Architecture

Architecture of the French Village of Dubai

Medieval European architecture included bricked homes settled by the riverside. And this exact representation has been recreated in the French village of Dubai. The water wheel, being an important aspect of the French, has also been rebuilt here, making it the most popular spot for tourists to visit. You too, can find some great shots if you plan on having a Dubai architectural Photoshoot. 

Stroll through the French village, Dubai 

Image Courtesy: Lipata Hotels Dubai

Well, if you plan to visit a village, you will definitely want to explore every aspect of it. Isn’t it? Therefore, stroll through these vintage streets and excavate treasures you wouldn’t find elsewhere. As you walk down the streets, you may come across several street performances and live entertainment shows performed alongside the man-made river that flows through all the four zones of Riverland. 

Enjoy the mystical views 🤩

Dubai French Village views
Image Courtesy: Juli2350

While you chill around enjoying the rustic life of the countryside, you can also enjoy a boat ride to get a better view floating in the water. For those who love the night sky and the glittering lights around the streets, should opt for visiting the village at night. You’ll feel romantic and love the natural refreshing air that passes through the French Village. 

*Please note, you may book your boat ride, at the location itself!*

Wondering where to dine?

McDonald's in French Village of Dubai

You may feel tired and so would want to catch a snack. To satisfy your hunger, McDonald’s is here! Munch on their crispy fries and grab a bite of their yummylicious burgers. Here McDonald’s won’t just soothe your taste buds, but also send you to wonderland as you sit inside the castle like structure 🏰

Timings: Everyday, 12pm to 10pm

Shop Souvenirs from Dubai

Dubai Souvenirs

Among the 4 zones of Riverland, the French village is the best place to shop for Souvenirs. I ♥️ Dubai, is one of the most preferred shopping hubs of the French Village, where you get to pick a bag full of souvenirs and gifts that are representative of modern as well as traditional culture. 

Timings: Everyday, 4pm to 12am

Important Information about the French Village, Dubai:

Entry Cost: Totally Free!!!

Timings: 10am to 11pm

How to reach

1. By Metro UAE Exchange, a small drive from the station to the location will be needed by car

2. By Bus, There is a special bus that leaves from Ibn Battuta Bus station that goes directly to Riverland

3. Easiest way is by taxi, which will smoothly drop you right at the doorstep!

Well, if you get a chance to explore Europe through the French Village of Dubai by not really being in Europe, you definitely need to capture those memories! Therefore, take our suggestion and book a Dubai Photographer from Lokaso Photoshoot for some best clicks! 📸

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