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5 best places to try the Street Food Star- Pav Bhaji in Mumbai

If there’s any single dish that is truly synonymous with the word Mumbai – it HAS to be Pav Bhaji. After all, few other dishes have very little calories and such low cost, despite perhaps not tasting half as good. Those are quite some bragging rights eh?

So whether you’re a seasoned Pav Bhaji Veteran or a hungry tourist just in search for the best Mumbai has to offer. Here are 5 places that have the best Pav Bhaji in Mumbai.



5. Maruti Pav Bhaji

You’ve probably never heard (let alone seen), black pav bhaji. We’ll Maruti serves just that. With the use of secret ‘Black Masalas’, it’s said that this place has crafted a Pav Bhaji in Mumbai like no other. You’ll end up sweating while you eat, but that won’t stop you from eating. Starts only after 7 in the evening.

Be sure to not miss out on their unique masala pav – ‘Babu pav’ made with its secret black spices, coriander and lots of butter.


maruti pav bhaji in mumbai

Image courtesy : Zomato



4. Sukh Sagar

This great restaurant has been the go to place for quick bites for those in and around Chowpatty for quite some time now. The pav bhaji here is served steaming hot in just under ten minutes with four perfectly crisped pavs. There’s also plenty of butter to go along with the spicy pav bhaji.


Good food here is not just limited to Pav Bhaji, Sukh Sagar is a delight to visit.

sukh sagar pav bhaji in mumbai - Best pav bhaji mumbai

Image courtesy : Arina


3. Achija

Located in the Gujarati dominated Ghatkopar region, Achija is the go to place if your like spicy Pav Bhaji.. It is usually pretty crowded, even after midnight.

Its extra cheese and double teekha pav bhaji with chatni masala pav is to die for. Wash down your spicy meal with plenty of falooda from nearby stores,

aachaji pav bhaji - best pav bhaji mumbai

Image courtesy : Medium.com


2. The Square – Novotel

While there’s nothing like eating a plate of pav bhaji standing next to a road side stall amidst traffic, some of us are seeking more luxurious dining options.  If you don’t mind spending the extra bucks on some very fine Pav Bhaji, then treat yourself to Novotels high end Pav Bhaji. Complete with fancy cutlery and an beautiful setting.

They also serve a wide variety of coffees here to go along with your Pav Bhaji.

Best Pav Bhaji in mumbai - novotel pav bhaji mumbai - high end restaurant pav bhaji

Image courtesy : Curly Tales


1. Sardar Pav Bhaji

Every review, every search and every blog post pretty much brings up the same result. Sardaar is phenomenally famous for their Pav Bhaji in Mumbai. A very organised joint, making buttery smooth Pav Bhaji.

You can always expect to wait in a line as the demand here is crazy. They serve in batches. So everyone gets their stuff at one go.

Their cheese Pav Bhaji is not to be missed.


sardar pav bhaji mumbai - best pav bhaji mumbai

Image courtesy : Potluck

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