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A guide to shopping in Bali

No matter how fast e-commerce progresses, there are some things that are best when bought personally in a brick and mortar store. Especially if you’re a tourist who needs something memorable from a great trip outdoors. And what better place for an amazing shopping experience than Bali. After all, Bali has no shortage of great shops for some impromptu or maybe even an extensive week-long shopping spree. From the usual to the unique, if it exists, you can surely find it here.   

Here’s an all-inclusive guide to shopping in Bali.

Souvenir shopping in Bali

If you’re on a vacation in Bali then buying a local souvenir for friends and family back home is a must. Although some typical Balinese goods can be found outside of Bali, the selling price is usually higher when you buy them in Bali. A great souvenir to take home are authentic Balinese fabrics. 

Crafts and souvenirs such as bamboo equipment, dolls and coconut shell and teak ornaments, hats and baskets, wooden earrings, key chains, clothing, pen and ink paintings are sold in most souvenir shops and in all major tourist areas.

Where to shop in Bali?

Shopping in Kuta is decent and a bit cheaper than anywhere else on the island. So if you plan on haggling there’s no better place to start. South Bali is the most developed and westernmost part of the island, which is why it is the best place to shop. Despite the proximity to the airport and all the hedonisms offered in Kuta, Jimbaran is comparatively undeveloped. So you can get some pretty good deals on local produce there. 

If you want an authentic shopping experience in Bali away from all the tourists and spotlight then Jimbaran is a real village with a moderate selection of places to stay, eat, drink and shop. There is also an ancient temple, extensive produce of locally produced pork and fish. Pasar Sukawati and Ubud are a good place to visit for an affordable shopping experience in Bali.

Leather goods are pretty much a staple at stores in Kuta, Sanur and Ubud.

Be sure not to miss out on Geneva Handicrafts in Kuta. It’s one of Bali’s oldest and most famous handicrafts stores. 

Shopping centres in Bali 

On Jalan Legian is a great place, to begin with. There are plenty of shopping centres here that you can visit. Including the famous Krisna Oleh. Be sure to not miss out on the Bali Bomb Memorial which is right around the corner. 

Jalan Kayu Ayu (also known as Laksmana) is one of the main streets in Seminyak, lined with restaurants and boutiques. 

The Seminyak Village Shopping Mall is one of the newest shopping malls in Bali. And is worth a visit if you plan on buying some of the more expensive stuff.

The mall is located in the tourist area of ​​Seminyak, Bali and is often visited by tourists who are on holiday in Seminyak.

Shopping for swimwear in Bali

Since Bali is a tropical island, there are many shops selling designer surf clothing, international swimwear, brand bikinis and more.  From polka-dot bikinis to elegant one-piece dresses, you’ll find them all. If you’re looking out for some great stores to buy these then you can’t go wrong with Rimmba, Aanoukiss and Thaikila. 

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