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Thanushree and Srivatsa’s Lokaso Couple Photoshoot story Post Pandemic

It is quite evident that COVID hit the world, soon after the wedding season. This definitely screwed up a lot of Honeymoon trips and couple photoshoot plans. Goa being a famous couple destination of India, did manage to attract a huge crowd post pandemic. Here’s a story of Thanushree and Srivatsa, who happened to cancel their honeymoon trip to Bali, but did celebrate their first anniversary at our very own Goa. Check out their enormous journey, through Lokaso couple Photoshoot. 

After two long years of convincing, we were finally married with hearty smiles and warm blessings… 

Old School Love, gets you the required goosebumps 😉

Thanushree and Srivatsa’s love story is like the old school romance most of us have had. They began dating in a college at Bangalore and continued seeing each other while they joined the same company. Seven years down the line, they finally decided to tie their romantic knot and begin as a family. 

Srivatsa’s simplicity and genuine respect towards women was a key pointer to why Thanushree couldn’t resist marrying a gentleman like Srivatsa. 

Cute Love but not-so-cute problems…

The Indian Caste system is very much prevalent in the 21st century as well, which is why love stories of Heer-Ranjha and Salim-Anarkali are still close to our hearts. Of course, many hearts are still broken because inter-caste marriages are not readily accepted due to cultural barriers. 

However, Thanushree and Srivatsa seem to be on the lucky side, to have their parents’ blessings over their new relationship. Every story has its own struggles, but solving every tangle is the way to undo your troubles. The two happily married each other in February, and were all set for a Honeymoon trip to Bali (check out tips to remember while having a honeymoon trip to Bali.)

Life cannot always be a happy one. Isn’t it? 

The world was hit by the Pandemic… and a honeymoon at Bali🤔? Not at all possible! Therefore, “we planned an anniversary trip to Goa, because it’s an incomparable beauty to any other place in the world.” 

Why Lokaso Couple Photoshoot?

Thanushree says, “I wanted to give my husband something memorable and I’ve always been photogenic. So I got in touch with Lokaso, after checking out their instagram posts, which are brilliant!”

“The best part about Lokaso is that they are very flexible in terms of their customer’s needs and understanding. We didn’t want a clichè couple photoshoot with props and common ideas but something naturally sophisticated and unique. This idea was well taken by the team and their outcome was beyond expectations. Unlike me, Srivatsa is camera conscious. But the Goa photographer from team Lokaso energetically built a rapport with us, thereby helping us to achieve a beautiful couple photoshoot experience.”

A Message to all… 

Goa has this splendid beauty that made us fall in love with every aspect it’s got to offer. We also had bike rides at the picturesque Goan villages which is indeed a hidden gem in such a lively state. The locals too heartily welcomed us and happily guided us to reach our destination. The simplicity of the Lokaso team and the people of Goa touched our hearts, which is why we recommend this magnificent place to all of you! 

There is a beautiful trail down the Aguada Fort, which we decided to explore. However, it was a difficult path, that eventually made me trip and thus, I had a big fall😅. But that injury was nothing in front of the beautiful place we admired through our naked eyes. 

If you too wanna capture your alluring journey in Goa through a couple photoshoot with Lokaso, then feel free to contact us at https://www.golokaso.com/ … ‘coz you deserve the best!!!

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