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Top 5 Professional Photographer to shoot your Dubai Trip!

They say money can’t buy happiness. Well, go to Dubai and you’ll find out! 😆 If Dubai is gonna be your next touchdown this year, then you’ve made a brilliant choice! It’s a city of beautiful modernity and a perfect destination for shopaholics. Moreover, the never ending skyscrapers add to a sleek and stylish version of a new world that attracts a huge crowd of tourists every year. Importantly, a capture of your memories in the Dubai trip is mandatory. Here’s a list of the top rated Dubai photographer perfectly suitable for your Dubai photoshoot, check them out! 

5. Kamie Photography

Image Credits: Kamie Photography 

Kamie Photographers are best known for their creative outputs that they add throughout the photography session. They are adaptable to different styles and are open to suggestions and constructive criticism. The maturity of these photographers is seen through their calm nature during chaotic events and situations. Overall, the team won’t let you down, because their experience in this field is vast. 

4. Shruti Photography 

Shruti is a professional freelance photographer living in Dubai, enjoying her career through a field she truly admires. Her main aim is to provide photographs that seem the most natural, unfiltered and perfectly embracing all the natural imperfections. Hence, she’s best suited for Family portraits and couple photoshoots as well! 

Website: https://www.shrutiphotography.com/

3. Blue Eye Picture

Image Credits: Blue Eye Picture

The team of photographers at Blue Eye picture have gone under professional training in order to refine their skills of photography. A striking feature of the team is that they not only understand the principles of photography but also try to include all the candid expressions and emotions that are expressed throughout the photoshoot. 

Website: https://www.photographerdubai.ae/

2. 4Dimensions Studio 

Image Credits: 4Dimensions Studio

4Dimensions Studio specializes in photography as well as videography, which makes it one of the most preferred photographers where one can satisfy their demands at a single studio itself. All you need to do is express your vision, and they will clearly replicate your expectations in the photoshoot. Moreover, a touch of their personal creativity adds on to your imagination. 

Website: https://4dimensionsstudio.com/

1. Lokaso Photoshoot 

Lokaso is a Goa-based Photography company that provides several photography services in Dubai and Bali as well. The team is a collection of efficient hardworking people who together provide the best services to their clients. Not only a professional in photography, but their short films and videography that cover life stories and memories is a cherry on the top.  Through their professional lens, you’ll have a jaw-dropping experience! 

Website: https://www.golokaso.com/

Hope you’ve liked our suggestions of Dubai photographer. Do ping us, to know more about our Dubai photoshoot sessions! 

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