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Top 7 Pre-wedding Couple Photoshoot Locations of Dubai you can’t miss!

Dubai is that one amazing gift of nature that allows tourists to experience the beach as well as the desert in the same city. It is a beautiful place for couples, families and lone backpackers as well. Even though there are a lot of restrictions based on clothing and PDA, yet we see a huge number of couples coming here every year. And if you two are soon gonna be hitched, then well Dubai is one of the locations you ought to capture memories for your pre-wedding couple photoshoot. 

7. Al Fahidi Fort

Image Credits: Imprint Photo Studio

The oldest existing structure of Dubai is the Al Fahidi fort, which also houses the famous Dubai Museum. There are grand canons, long pillars and the main gate hosts the UAE flag as a symbol of their rich history. If you’re an admirer of the past, then capturing the Al Fahidi Fort in your pre-wedding couple photoshoot will bring out a totally different perspective that Dubai has gained over the years with modernity. 

6. Camel Uschi Desert 

If you’re in Dubai, then a few shots at the Desert is a must! At the Camel Uschi Desert, one will experience Arabian Desert life along with Bedouin culture. The lighting at nights too is awesome and will prove to be an ideal backdrop to capture the essence of Dubai and it’s desert in your pre-wedding couple photoshoot. 

Tip: Check out the Bedouin Cuisines at Camel Uschi Desert that are rich in flavours! 

5. Atlantis, The Palm

Image Credits: Atlantis Resorts

The Atlantis Resort is a wholesome tourist destination itself. Situated on the iconic Palm Island of Dubai, The Atlantis has got variants of exciting thrillers to experience during your stay. Besides photogenic spots, Atlantis has also got an Aqua trek, where you could find perfect opportunities to have some jaw-dropping clicks. 

Fact: Atlantis has a 42 acre water park to let you two enjoy an exciting time together. 

4. Jumeirah Beach

Image Credits: Dipak Studios

The true beauty of having a pre-wedding couple photoshoot in Dubai is by capturing the honest nature in your lens. Your photoshoot can be best shot on shores that are more relaxing and picturesque. The White Sandy Shores overlooks the 8th wonder of the world, Burj Al Arab which will play as a great background for your Photoshoot in Dubai. 

Tip: If you wish to live by the sea during your Dubai Trip, you may check out Jumeirah Beach Resort

3. Dubai Fountain

The Dubai Fountain is an alluring site to watch. It consists of a unique design that is highlighted with a lot of light management. The fountain performs its skills through several classical and Arabic music with a spectrum full of colours seen through the designs and rhythms created by the water. Moreover, you can have a ride on the Burj lake overlooking the fountain. It would be a great place to capture this beautiful wonder of Dubai in your pre-wedding photoshoot. 

2. Dubai Frame 

The Dubai Frame is an iconic monument that is considered as the largest frame in the world. The frame is constructed with such perfection that you’ll see the old Dubai and its vintage buildings on one side and the view of New Dubai with all its modernity on the other side. That’s the beauty you’d want to capture in your pre-wedding photoshoot in Dubai. 

Fact: It is advised to wear decent clothing that doesn’t reveal much of your skin! Shorts are definitely out of the question!

1. Burj Khalifa

We’ve all studied about the Burj Khalifa since childhood, since it’s the tallest tower ever built in world history. The high standing skyscraper of Dubai along with an amazing sunset view will give several jaw-dropping shorts that will add colours to your pre-wedding couple Photoshoot.  

Fun fact: It took just 6 years to build the entire structure! 😳

Hope you are quiet pleased with our suggestions of pre-wedding photoshoot locations of Dubai for you! If you need a photographer to capture your moments in Dubai and celebrate your togetherness, do contact Lokaso Photoshoot

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