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A trip to Goa should always be well planned! Here’s a list of the Top 10 Must-to-do things in Goa – 2022

Though over the years, Goa seems to be terrorized with several environmental issues, yet it is quite evident that tourism rates have increased excessively. However, in spite of higher tourism rates and crowded places, Goa has still got its local stories to tell through their serene villages. Here’s a list of Must-to-do things in Goa that you could take up, that are still a surprise to many of our regular visitors. 

10. Dine in a Houseboat, at Chapora River

The houseboat at Chapora serves delicious dishes along with an awe-inspiring village view. It sails through every scenic spot like that of the Chapora church and the Dil Chahta Hai fort. It is also lovely to watch the fishermen at the river banks, with their local dressing styles, fishing skillfully! Hence, do not miss out on booking your Houseboat tour at Chapora to experience the soothing natural ambience of Goan village life.

9. A Helicopter ride is a must-to-do things in Goa!

Goa holds a scenic beauty in its natural land. Right from the beach locations to the greenery spread throughout every hill, is a must to view from a helicopter ride. We all know about the thrilling water sport adventures of Goa, but not much awareness is given about flying experiences. The tourism department of Goa has recently launched its helicopter rides, which will begin from Park Hyatt spa and resort, South Goa.

Click here, to know more about Helicopter rides in Goa. 

8. Bungee Jumping at Mayem Lake – A lifetime experience!

Bungee Jumping is considered as one of the most enthralling adventure sports. Which is why it is recommended to be added among the must-to-do things to have a thrilling experience in Goa. Imagine, jumping off the cliff with utmost safety, and experiencing a life-changing moment. Here’s when you’ll realize how important it is to live every moment of your life. Hence, book your Bungee Jumping slot along with your friends and enjoy the sport together!

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7. Watch the Picturesque Beauty with a Hot Air Balloon Ride!

Image courtesy: Lokaso Photoshoot

Here’s a chance for you to experience the splendid view of Goa, up above in a hot air balloon. You can also capture your best memories by viewing the magical landscape that makes your trip a worthy pay!

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6. Choose your Souvenirs at  Saturday Night Market, Arpora! 

#Flea market at Arpora

Shopping at the flea market of Goa could be quite alluring to one’s eyes. The handicraft industry of India is best spotted at these sites that sell great souvenirs to their tourists. Besides accessories, bags and clothings, the market is also popular for its food stuff that include herbs and spices from all over India. Mind you, once you decide to shop here, there’s no turning back!

5. White Water Rafting – For the Adventurers! 

White Water Rafting in Goa is a thrilling experience that most adrenaline seekers admire. It is known as white water, because of the rough current produced in the river. This if done correctly, is not just safe but could also be your lifetime moment. 

Tip: It’s safer to raft with a reputable company. Click here for more details! 

4. Visit a top-rated spa for a relaxing weekend!

Spa visit, #Must-to-do things in Goa

Goa is definitely gonna make you tired with all the exciting fun activities it’s got to offer. And after all the exhaustion, an evening at the spa could prove to be relaxing. Goa has got top professionals that have polished their skills through several professional training sessions. 

You can check here, the top-rated spas of Goa. 

3. Watch the sunset at Vagator hill!

Goa Sunset viewing is always listed at the top of the list of Must-to-do things! At Vagator hill, you can experience the calm side of Goan vibe. Goa is known as the party capital of India, and parties that are especially held at the beach side are awesome! Sunsets at Vagator are also the most romantic, especially because of the mesmerizing colours we see at the picturesque landscape. 

2. Go Crab Catching

Image of crab catching, # Must-to-do things in Goa

Crab Catching in Goa could be really fun. Whether you are a solo backpacker or with your gang, makes no difference, ‘coz the final output is just delicious! Seafood lovers, here’s your chance to grab as many of the crabs as you need. Soon after, barbeque them with some mouthwatering spices. 

Tip: You can book your Crab Catching tour with Thrillophillia, that not only guides you with tricks and techniques but will also provide you with equipment that is much needed. 

1. Book a memorable photoshoot with Lokaso, Goa. 

Goa photoshoot - #Must-to-do things in Goa
Image courtesy: Lokaso Photoshoot

One of the key advantages of having a photoshoot in Goa is that you will find a number of professional photography companies that help you capture memories amidst the lined up rhythmic palm trees that promote the serene beauty of Goa. Not just the shores, but every place you visit will make you want to have some outstanding shots. Hence, take a dive into this trending social media life and capture your trip with Lokaso Photoshoot.

Now that you seem sorted with the list of Must-to-do things during your Goa trip, make sure to make prior bookings of adventure sports and photoshoots especially if traveling during the peak of the tourist season.

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