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Top 7 props for your pre-wedding Jaipur couple photoshoot!

To add some fun and playfulness into your photographs, usage of props play a vital role. They add an interesting plot to spice up your fairytale and while looking back, you will definitely have goosebumps. Simply posing with your partner in front of the camera is a clichΓ© idea to think about. Instead, incorporating some unique props will be an unhackneyed choice to make. Amidst the ethnic background of Jaipur, usage of props will give a conventional theme with a blend of modernity in your pre-wedding couple photoshoot. Thus, check out this prop list!

7. Musical instrument to depict your musical love

Image courtesy: Xplorenmims / https://bit.ly/3FBJcsc

Marriage is a melodious journey which comprises different ‘voices’ and ‘pitches’. Like the rhythm music holds, marriages too have got their ups and downs. But when the tune is played, like in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, then your hearts will start dancing. A musical instrument can symbolise several emotions and experiences within the four sides of the frame. Especially for those, who’ve met through music, ought to think over these musical props to use during your Jaipur pre-wedding couple photoshoot, showing your love through music. Incorporating Rajasthani musical instruments will add a traditional touch to your look and to the photographs as a whole. You can make use of the Rajasthani folk instruments like Khartal, Ravanhatha, Nagphani, Naad, Sarangi and Jantar which are distinctive to the region. 

6. Create a vintage look with poses on carts

Image courtesy: Pushkar.online/ https://bit.ly/2X5CgCi

Who says vintage cars are the only vehicles meant to give a perfect vintage look? Why not give a try to the traditional transports of Jaipur which are still very prominent there? A horse cart or a camel cart will get the shots glowing. Life is a journey and you two are the partners in it. Hence, the two of you could pretend to act as the cart rider and a passenger riding into an unknown adventurous journey. 

5. Rajasthani Pagdi

Image courtesy: L_e_n_s_e_y_e / https://bit.ly/3v1vJF0

A photoshoot at Jaipur should definitely include the traditional pagdi for men. Today, women too have got their swag swaying, making the best use of the pagdi, to provide a bold look. That small piece of culture holds a whole amount of rituals and beliefs. Hence, including this one as one of the best props for your pre-wedding couple photoshoot at Jaipur, could be a beautiful idea to blossom your faces on every photograph. 

4. Choose a village as your backdrop!

Image courtesy: Kamalnil67

You can use Jaipur’s neighboring villages as your photoshoot backdrop. A photoshoot amidst these village settings can bring back nature’s beauty within every shot, thereby sidelining the city’s chaotic life. You can also look out for several village props like the matka, cookware, camel and much more. You can also pretend to mould the pottery along with some blend of romance in it just as you both would plan to shape your life with your togetherness and love. 

3. Make the best use of the sand

A photoshoot at your Jaipur trip essentially needs to use the sandy desert as your prop. By doing so, you can achieve a lot of romantic poses amidst the alluring deserts of India, thereby have a thrilling experience at your pre-wedding couple photoshoot. 

2. Odani love

Remember the scene from Aashiqui 2 – romance under the jacket? Perhaps, that’s one of the most romantic scenes one would want to capture. Why not recreate the scene with a little twist! Replace the jacket with a Jaipuri scarf or a Chunri. Naturally, this prop will make the photographs quite adorable and romantic to frame on your favourite wall. You could go for a gleaming and vibrant lehariya or bandhani print odani as these are very popular in Jaipur.

Thus, make the best use of this prop, to enlighten your mood and photoshoot as well. Run around with the flying odani on the breezy desert or fling it up in the air and your partner holding you in his arms. 

1. Puppets can be a great symbol of love!

Image courtesy: Jaipurtuktuk

Including puppets in your photographs won’t just represent Jaipur and its culture, but also a cute love story of the two of you, ‘coz that’s what they are meant to portray. These lovely inventions can add variants of colours and create special moments to cherish. 

Now that you seem set about the props to use during your pre-wedding couple Photoshoot in Jaipur, you may want to book a professional photographer in the city! Contact Lokaso, to book the best professionals and get adorning images of your Jaipur journey!πŸ˜‰

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