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Top 7 destination wedding Venues at Andaman and Nicobar Islands!


The naturalistic coral reefs and the clear turquoise blue waves along with the white sandy shore, terms Andaman and Nicobar Islands to be an ideal destination choice for beach wedding venues. The exotic locations at these islands indeed can make your wedding a memorable one, by simply picking out the best options. Hence, here’s a short list of the top rated destination wedding venues suitable to enrich the beauty of marriage. 

7. Taj Exotica resort and spa, Havelock Island

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Taj Exotica seems to have got it’s resort built as a paradise on Earth. Havelock Island is that one place you’d want to visit, that houses numerous adventurous sports that could excite your wedding memories at the jaw-dropping natural beauty of Elephanta beach. The peaceful silence at the resort helps you to calmly enjoy every wedding ceremony. Except for the interruption of the variants of fauna, one won’t find poky noses at the secluded land. 

The moment you enter the resort, every guest is warmly welcomed with the traditional Nicobari song sung by the Locals!

7. Seashell Island Resorts, Havelock

Image courtesy: Andaman Islands

Located at the beach side, a wedding at the Seashell, is bound to help you achieve a Romantic wedding day. The breathtaking views and the picturesque sunsets as well is an astonishing charm the resort holds. On request, you can also surprise your spouse with a special dinner date under the palm trees. 

6. Coral Reef Resort

Image courtesy: Coral Reef Resort 



Stand a chance to explore your wedding days at this beautiful resort carved with utmost perfection. Their wooden rooms encapsulates every moment spent there. They’ve also got world-class hospitality service that makes it a top rated wedding venue for all kinds of weddings. Indeed, spending days at this resort will make you want more and you may end up having your honeymoon trip too at the Coral Reef Resort 😅… that’s the beauty it holds! 

4. Peerless Resort, Port Blair

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Being the only resort at Corbyn’s Cove Beach, it sorts to charm its audience with the peaceful serenity nestled amidst the palm trees and quiet shore. In addition, the seafood at the Peerless Resort is an excellent cuisine to soothe your taste buds. Therefore, a wedding at such an exotic location ought to allure your guests thereby being away from the chaotic lifestyle. 

3. Munjoh Ocean Resort, Havelock Island

Image courtesy: Munjoh Ocean Resorts

The staff of Munjoh Ocean Resort is trained to help you experience a pleasant wedding with an island lifestyle. Of course not ancient, but definitely enchanting! This one could be your destination wedding choice, because they’ve got awesome interiors, a reliable staff and a menu created with organic products. Your wedding has to be the best! If you also wanna get a little adventurous, then the wedding team at Munjoh can help you fix an underwater wedding😉


A romantically adventurous underwater wedding!

2. Fortune Bay Island Resort, Port Blair

Located right next to the pristine beauteous Bay of Bengal, Fortune Bay Island Resort holds an elegance due to its captivating view of the lush green forest cover. The admirable architecture is also a plus point if you are planning to have a pre-wedding or a wedding photoshoot. It houses around 150 guests with the best service and a friendly staff.

1. Symphony summer sand beach resort and spa

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Rated as one of the best wedding venues, Symphony Summer Sand ought to allure you with every step you take the moment you enter their premises. They’ve got all the modern technologies with a soothing lifestyle eagerly waiting to give a taste to their happy customers. 

The best feature – you can take a swim to the pool beginning from your own room!!! They’ve got every room connected to the pool, what a brilliant style😃
As soon as you choose among the best wedding venues at the Andaman and Nicobar islands, don’t forget to call your photo friends at Lokaso :)…  ‘coz you deserve The best!!!

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