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Dubai Laws you need to know before embarking on your Dubai trip

If you come from a country where you feel free to do as you please and there’s not much emphasis on strict punishments, then you definitely need to go through the common laws of Dubai that could get you questioning your responsibilities. These laws may sound weird, even absurd to the common public, but it’s a nation that has got its own preferences and culture. And as a guest, you definitely ought to abide by them and respect the people of UAE. Hence, do check out the few laws of Dubai that you have to remember before embarking on your trip. 

7. Swearing in Public is punishable

Any forms of curse, whether verbal or even hand gestures could lead you straight into jail. This is probably because it is disgraceful to the dignity of any human as their belief directs to be. The current punishment is 1 year of imprisonment and a 10,000 Dirham fine. Moreover, you could also be deported and blacklisted. Well then, that’s where your trip ends for good😂

6. Eating or drinking on Public transport is not allowed. 

Eating or drinking will definitely cause the surrounding area to be littered. Hence, in order to keep the area clean and to keep a steady environment for all commuters the Dubai Government has come up with this law. Avoid munching on snacks or drinking any forms of juices that could litter your surroundings. Drinking water will of course not create a problem, as long as you don’t trip and shower another citizen. 

5. Avoid carrying foods that have poppy seeds. 

Poppy seeds are a source for opium which is a drug banned in Dubai. Hence, any form of food that could lead you to jail is definitely to be avoided. Check the types of foods you carry from your hometown. Also, avoid medicines that do not have a doctor’s prescription. However urgent it might sound, make sure to get a prescription for every single tablet you take to Dubai. 

4. Do not use a VPN to access restricted web

Ideally it is very convenient for us to access a blocked site by turning on our VPN. But this trick won’t work in Dubai. If the authorities find out of such suspicious activities, they won’t hesitate to empty your account with 500,000 and more Dirhams. Hence, abide by the Dubai laws and do not cross your limits. 

3. Keep your vehicle clean

During your trip to Dubai, besides hiring an Uber, some may also consider renting a vehicle. And if that’s the case, you gotta keep your vehicle clean at all times. The Dubai Government doesn’t tolerate dirty vehicles since it will distort the city image of Dubai. Hence, either get your car washed in the allotted centers or do it yourself! As long as you don’t get fined!😄

2. Do not snap unknown people 

Preserving one’s privacy is something very important to the UAE. And if you ever get caught snapping unknown people in your photographs, well then you will either be heavily fined or straight deported. At times as tourists, we don’t really bother how many individuals have been snapped in our pictures, as long as the skyscrapers are shot. Hence, you have to be careful even while taking snaps of monuments and structures. 

1. Beware of your posts

Posting anything that will stain the name of the UAE is dangerous. May it be a road accident or a rumor you heard, it will get you behind bars. The best way of avoiding any forms of trouble would be to avoid posting anything regarding the UAE. Just post your photographs and the pretty nature that is worth admiring!

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