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Best Bollywood films shot in Goa

Several Bollywood directors, especially Rohit Shetty, enjoy having their films shot in Goa – a liberal place to sunbathe and relax without being interfered by the locals. Even though these destination movie shoots are expensive, the ambience, picturesque landscapes and architectural monuments grab the attention of varied filmmakers. It began with Rishi Kapoor’s romantic honeymoon trip to Goa in the movie Sagar. This created an impression of Goa as a popular honeymoon destination not just to Indians but to several foreigners too. Check out the famous Bollywood movies shot in Goa that’ll make you want a trip here.

7. Finding Fanny – Long drive down the Goan Lanes!

The film develops its plot with the aim of finding Naserruddin Shah’s love, Fanny. Deepika Padukone and Arjun Kapoor along with few others extensively drove down the Goan streets and popularised the Goan culture through their scenes. It is indeed a satirical film with an abundance of humour suitable for people belonging to different ages. By watching the film, you too may want to enjoy a beautiful road trip diving into the Goan vibe. 

6. Drishyam – Family first, laws later!

As an adaptation of a Japanese novel, Drishyam rocked the box office in the year 2015. With Ajay Devgan as the lead character, fans loved the strategic planning he did to save his family. Set in Goa, termed as one of the best bollywood family films, it has caught numerous glimpses of the shores, panjim hotspots and a lot more. The thriller is definitely a must-to watch. 

5. Golmaal series – Extreme Pagalpanti in Goa!

Rohit Shetty’s immense love towards Goa is reflected in his series of Golmaal. The fun-filled movie creates loads of comic appearances along with hidden themes that makes it a beautiful series for viewers. Hence, do enjoy yourself admiring the gang having fun amidst our homely Goa, but also do not forget to plan your own trip!

4. Dum Maro dum – A combo of Goa’s Pros and Cons

Although the movie was highly criticised since it portrayed Goa’s negative side (drugs and prostitution), it did create a huge impact on tourism which made people fall in love with Goa – the energetic night life, beach shacks and the infinite shores. One evening munching on some snacks, watch this film in a resort after a tiring day during your Goa trip.

3. Singham – Aata Majhi Satakli

A lot of Goan political issues were portrayed in the blockbuster film of Rohit Shetty, Singham. Making Goa their prime location, the Dona Paula Jetty made itself open to the heroic punches of Singham over the scoundrels of Jaikant Shikre. During your visit to the Singham spot, make it a point to reminisce the famous scene in your own style😉

2. Dear Zindagi – therapy amidst the susegado!

Loving your Zindagi (life) wholeheartedly and learning to live every moment of life, could be experienced amidst the peaceful ambience of Goa. Photoshoots at Parra road drove people into insanity as soon as the love you zindagi song went viral. Rightly portraying the serene atmosphere of Goa, the Bollywood industry indeed caught the lively Goan mood in every scene. 

1. Dil Chahta Hai – A Classic of all Time

When one thinks of a combination of Goa with Bollywood, the first thing that appears is the coming-of-age movie, Dil Chahta hai. It starred Amir Khan, Saif Ali Khan and Akshay Khanna. The iconic scene at the Chapora fort indeed earned fame to the historical site which is now known as an ideal destination point for couples. So, whenever you land on this beautiful land, make sure to visit the Chapora fort to experience the breathtaking views of the blue sky merging with the soothing waves. 

Goa Road trips with family and friends became a to-do thing after such Bollywood films that were popular hits! Experience these yourself while you plan your Goa trip. And if you need a photographer to capture moments at these Bollywood hotspots, then contact Lokaso😉

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