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7 most popular and exotic locally brewed drinks of Goa!

Goa is stereotypically known for alcohol since it’s easily available unlike other states. However, that’s not the reality. Goa has much more to serve its people than just liquor. You heard it right! Few of the locally brewed drinks are also available for those who wanna taste the Goan flavours by skipping the alcoholic headaches. These local breweries of Goa are highly authentic and boast of its heritage. These drinks can also be carried back home as a souvenir for your family and friends. Hence, here’s a list of the top 7 popular and exotic locally brewed drinks of Goa which will help you chill on the sunny shores with your platter of Goan seafood. 

7. Kokum juice 

Well, if you’ve previously been to Goa and haven’t yet tried the Kokum juice then you have just missed out on something delicious. Prepared from an essential element of Goan cuisine, the juice made from kokum fruit is sometimes served after your heavy meal or sometimes as a refresher. Most importantly, the kokum juice is loaded with numerous health benefits which also helps in digestion. So while you are in Goa, do not miss your chance to try out this local drink. Be it a local or a five star Goan thali, this drink is a must to be served!

6. Feni

Feni is considered to be a staple drink of Goa which none of the Goans can stay away from. Thanks to the Portuguese invaders, who introduced this drink during their rule. There are two types of Feni, one is made of cashew and the other of coconut. It’s indeed a drink to help you feel Goanise in your heart! However, first time drinkers should be careful since it contains 50% of alcohol. If not, you might find yourself wandering zig zag on the local streets. 

Guess what! Feni won’t leave you with a hangover! Best way to get tipsy in Goa! 

5. King’s Beer

Beer is one true love interest of every Goan. Made of barley or maize, this light lager is found throughout the state. The King’s Beer is unique in its taste that exhibits a smoky malt aroma. It’s a drink to find only in Goa. Hence, with a plate of tiger prawns while lying in your lounge, sip this heavenly drink for a chilling weekend. 

4. Armada

The true recipe of the delicious Armada still remains unknown, but it’s definitely a combination of Brazilian sugar and several Indian spices. The spicy drink of Armada is one the most famous drinks of Goa which is ideally used to make mocktails. Hence, do make it a point to grab a drink spiced up with the Armada Licor.

3. Sol Kadi

Similar to kokum juice, this too is served along with meals to be consumed only after you have completed your meals. The Sol Kadi is prepared with coconut milk and kokum. This combination makes it a perfect way of saving yourself from acidity. Once you consume the entire drink, you’ll be satisfied ‘coz that’s a way to truly end your meal. 

2. Vinicola Port Wine

The locally brewed vinicola Port wine has a sweet yummylicious taste. It has a local flavour which is ideally consumed after your meal, to end your food with a sweet tooth. It is readily available in all alcohol stores and has a low alcohol percentage. 

1. Urak

During the summers, Urak is a drink consumed regularly, mostly by Goan men. Their craze for the drink has even made them compose several songs that give references to this flavoursome drink. One of which is the famous lyrics that says, “urak urak urak maruia” …😉 Similar to Feni, Urak is also brewed from cashew, and is a part of the feni family. However, the drink made with lime and salt is much tastier than the cashew feni. 

Hence during your Goa trip, make sure to try out these locally brewed drinks of Goa. Besides giving good tips to our readers, we also specialise in photoshoots. Hence, during your Goa trip, if you need a photographer to capture your moments, do contact Lokaso

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