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Photography in Goa : 7 Picture Perfect Places to Capture

Few other places match Goa’s picture perfect sceneries. No wonder photography in Goa these days is all the craze. In fact, some places here look so good, you don’t even need a fancy DSLR to click some very pretty pictures. Any decent phone will do. And it’s not just the great places either, Goa has no shortage of all sorts of birds, animals, and people you can include in your clicks.

Here are 7 picture perfect places in Goa that are guaranteed to give you the best results.



7. Piedade Village, Goa

Piedade, a small, typical Goan village is spread at the bottom of a small forested hillock on which there is the Church of Our Lady of Compassion. Elegant Portuguese villas dot the small village and like everything else in Goa. the entire  village is very well maintained. Piedade is perfect for countryside photography in Goa.

As an added bonus, the Mandovi river nearby will get you superb panoramic views of the surrounding countryside, including Old Goa and its famous monuments.


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Image courtesy: Ishaan Shah


6. Salim Ali bird sanctuary, Chorao, Goa

Named after India’s best-known ornithologist, the Salim Ali Bird sanctuary on Chorao Island is home to some to some very beautiful migratory birds. It was created by the Goa government in 1988 to protect the birdlife and the mangroves. This bird sanctuary in Goa is a great way to catch a glimpse of the exotic birds in Goa. Just hop onto a yacht and get on a very unique birding expedition in Goa.

Don’t forget your binoculars and of course a camera (probably a DSLR to zoom in all the way)

Need to get your sightseeing game in Goa right? Check this out


Courtesy: Planet Goa

5. Photography in Goa: Curdi

After the onset of monsoons, around the month of July, the village of Curdi in Goa gets submerged under water only to surface in the month of April. Walls and structures of earthen material like laterite stones and mud. Alongside hundreds of tulsi Vrindavans attached to the households which existed when once people stayed can still be seen when waters subside from Curdi. This makes Curdi the perfect rustic place for photography in Goa.


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Image courtesy: MGG Goa

4. Mangroves at Chorao

The river area that surrounds the Mandovi consists of mangrove vegetation. These make for an ideal spot for unique photography in Goa. And it’s not just the great photos either.  Mangrove ecosystems are among the most productive ones known to us. They provide refuge and breeding grounds for several varieties of fish and insects which fall at the base of the food-chain.


The “Mangrove Scrub” type of vegetation that is found here occurs in small isolated areas along the banks of Mandovi and Mapusa rivers and also along the Cumbarjua canal.

photography in Goa - goa pictures- goa photgraphy - north goa photgraphy - south goa photography

Image courtesy: Chirag Naik



3. Photography in Goa: Bondava Lake

Looking for an isolated lake to just chill out with your camera? Then this lake in Goa is for you. Bondava lake is basically the reservoir created for Salaulim dam that provides water to the nearby locations for both irrigation and drinking purpose. However, it feels like a mini wildlife sanctuary.

There is a lush green cover all around where many birds and other animals live. Most lakes in Goa are pretty popular, but not Bondava. You can expect almost complete silence alongside the occasional chirping of birds.

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Image courtesy : Targetgoa.in



2. Fontainhas

The brightly colored streets of Panjim are a perfect scene for photography in Goa. Fontainhas is the oldest Latin Quarter in Goa, very close to the hustle and bustle of Panjim city, but cut off from the same. Flanked by houses painted in blue, yellow and many more colors, Fontainhas gives away a strong Portuguese vibe.

So, think out of the ordinary and add a vintage romantic flavor to your love with photographs at Fontainhas, Goa.

The colorful streets of Goa await you!



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Image courtesy: Culture Trip


1. Chorla Ghat

Goa has a massive forest cover in its eastern part. Grab a chance to have a lovely photography session that’s surreal. If you love photographing people then you simply can’t go wrong with an attire that contrasts the green backdrop can make an impressive mark.

The Chorla Ghats is a perfect choice because of its lush greenery and pleasant weather. Avoid doing a photo shoot here during the monsoons though, unless you want a very tough journey. Expect monkeys to photobomb your pictures every now and then 😛

photography in Goa - goa pictures- goa photgraphy - north goa photgraphy - south goa photography

Image courtesy: Seventy-two



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