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Top 7 Professional Mumbai Photographers for your pre-wedding Photoshoot!

A pre-wedding photoshoot reveals several stories and memories with predetermined themes and props that enhance your photoshoot quality. They say, “A Picture speaks a thousand words” and it is indeed true. Mumbai being one of the most advanced cities of India has definitely got a whole lot of amature as well as professional pre-wedding photographers that will give you some jaw-dropping shots and make your lovelife gullible. Check out our list! 

07. Shoot Express

The photographers of Shoot Express are highly skilled, have got authentic customer reviews and have been experts in multiple fields. They’ve also got a 24hour service for customers where you are free to do your bookings anytime of the day. Moreover, they’ve challenged themselves with modern technologies and continue to develop their skills according to new inventions. Such photo enthusiasts are definitely worth a try! 

06. True Shades Photography 

True Shades as the name suggests love experimenting with the light and shade that exhibit vibrant hues and bring forth glamour. The spicy romantic flavour that sparks off a light into a relationship is greatly seen through professional photographs. Photographers at True Shades Photography capture such delightful moments and help you treasure those lively memories. 

05. Shashank Otari Photography

Image courtesy: Shashank Otari

Shashank Otari is a young photographer specialised in several photography fields that brings about creativity and boldness together. His friendly nature contributes to building customer rapport and hence helps in a smooth photography session. 

04. Picsurely

Picsurely specialise in destination pre-wedding and wedding photography. They’ve successfully covered over 200 shoots in several parts of India. Their candid style Photography will certainly leave you in awe and hence, do consider them for an exquisite pre-wedding photoshoot in Mumbai.

03. Splash Studio

The photographers of Splash Studio take their work as a challenge to do better. They are open to new ideas, suggestions and even constructive criticism. They hope to get ultimate client satisfaction and seek their approval for learning something new. Their work is stunning and includes a lot of inspirational hardwork. 

02. Candid Wedding Stories

Candid Wedding Stories are one of the most leading pre-wedding photographers of Mumbai. They began in 2007 and learnt every new trick of getting perfect candids. Above all, they capture the most cherishable moments and help you frame them as your wedding souvenir. Having a vast experience in the field of pre-wedding photoshoot, you definitely need to check their website, ‘coz you’ll be fascinated by their photographs. 

01. WhatKnot Photography

Away from your wedding chaos and calmly relaxing into an exotic location of Mumbai, where there’s just a toast to your togetherness and a bright future to come, are memories you’d want to capture. Photographers at WhatKnot Photography capture these butterflies that you experience from the day you decide to marry your partner until the actual day arrives. They love enticing their customers with photographs that capture personal moments that are worth framing. 

Now that you seem sorted with the Top List of pre-wedding photographers in Mumbai, do feel free to contact Lokaso for more information. We too specialise in several kinds of photoshoots and strive to bring a smile to every couple 🥰. 

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