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Planning your pre-wedding photoshoot in Jaipur? These paid locations will surely make it a dreamy one 💫 😃

Jaipur is also considered as one of the best places to have your pre-wedding photoshoots. Considering the eternal love stories of kings and queens that once ruled the hearts of the Jaipur locales, couples love being shot surrounded by architectural structures that have been symbolic to love and victory. Hence, to help you figure out the list of paid locations, we’ve sorted out the best places of Jaipur ideal for your pre-wedding photoshoot. 

10. Amber fort

Image courtesy: Jaipur Aesthetic 

The Amber fort victoriously stands high flaunting its structure built with red stones and marbles. This is further beautified with the Maotha Lake. Popularly known as Amer Fort, it has beautiful pavilions, a series of gates and cobbled paths. Thus, showcasing the true essence of Rajput architecture. Hence, be rest assured, your pre-wedding photoshoot at this paid Jaipur location of Amber fort will be worth it. 

The monsoons is best time to have a photoshoot at Amer fort.

Location Fee: 15k

9. Panna meena ka kund (bawdi)

Image courtesy: Lens King Photography

The Panna Meena ka Kund is a famous spot in Amber, because of the eight storey deep well. It was used as a water supplier for the kingdom. Besides the architectural construction, it is a memorable spot especially for women who gathered here to have their long chats. Hence, during your pre-wedding photoshoot at this beautiful paid Jaipur location, you can use the short breaks that you might get, to go around this place and feel the cultural relevances. 

Location Fee: 5k

8. Nahargarh fort 

The Indo-European architecture of the Nahargarh fort and the scenic view of the mountain top rates it as one of the best paid pre-wedding photoshoot locations of Jaipur. The best shots you’ll get here, is during sunrise and sunsets. The Nahargarh fort leads you through a small part directly to the Jaigarh fort. Thus saving a lot of time! 

Location Fee: 5k

7. Jaigarh fort

The red sand stoned Jaigarh fort located atop the aravalli ranges provides the photographer with iconic backdrops. During the early modern era, the Jaigarh fort had the world’s largest cannon on wheels known as the ‘Jaivana cannon’. It was also the centre of artillery production. Therefore, inside this Jaipur fort, you’ll find many photo worthy spots to include in your pre-wedding photoshoot. 

Location Fee: 5k

6. Kishangarh marble dumping yard

It’s quite ironic how a marble dumping yard has turned to be a famous spot for photoshoots and video shoots. Why travel to Kashmir when you get a similar location that looks like snow in Jaipur? If your pre-wedding photoshoot includes a plot that exhibits a fantasy of snowwhite background, then here’s your destination to go! 

Location Fee: 5k

5. Castle kalwar

Image courtesy: Swarn Jain Photography

Castle Kalwar is one of the favourite paid pre-wedding photoshoot Locations of all Jaipur photographers. Simply because of it’s deeply rooted heritage and the fine craftsmanship that is accompanied with a marvellous backdrop of the Aravalli ranges. Moreover, it’s also a 3 star resort where you could spend some beautiful moments together after the photoshoot. 

Location Fee: 15k

4. Umaid lake palace 

Image courtesy: Swarn Jain Photography 

The Peelwa family used the Umaid Lake palace as a lodging site after their hunting excursions. However, this historical location has been converted into a resort for tourists nestled amidst the green landscape. Your photoshoot at the Umaid Lake Palace, could be an easy going one, because you’ll find no disturbance but just beauty all around. 

It also has an inbuilt Krishna temple to soothe your spiritual needs. 

Location Fee: 20k

3. Khas bagh

If you’re in search of long courtyards and exquisitely crafted stone pillars as your pre-wedding photoshoot backdrop, then you must definitely consider this Jaipur location. The medieval style haveli has also framed the portraits of the bygone rulers. These framed memories on the palace walls will give an ancient look to your photographs. 

Location Fee: 15k

2. Alsisar Haveli

Treat yourself with this majestic Heritage hotel at Alsisar Haveli. At Alsisar Haveli, you can experience time travel right into the age of the ruling empires. The property is well maintained and there’s no disturbance from the outside world. You can remain aloof and merrily enjoy your photoshoot with your beloved. 

Location Fee: 30k

1. The Raj palace 

Image courtesy: Capturing motions production

The Raj Palace of Jaipur is extravagantly one of the best hotels to have your pre-wedding photoshoot. This is because artefacts of the bygone era are displayed in the vicinity, which could be used as props. Moreover, the marigold gardens are the prettiest to capture. Thus, giving varieties of shots in your pre-wedding photoshoot.

Location Fee: 7k

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