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Top 7 Jaipur Hotels for a Perfect Staycation: Experience Luxury and Comfort

Jaipur’s top hotels offer a diverse range of experiences, from the grandeur of historical palaces to the modern comforts of luxury hotels. Whether you seek a royal retreat or a contemporary escape, these hotels cater to every preference, making your staycation in Jaipur truly unforgettable. Here are seven top hotels of Jaipur that promise a memorable and indulgent stay.

7. Clarks Amer – Contemporary comfort, Timeless elegance

Clarks Amer, Jaipur

A contemporary hotel with a touch of Rajasthani hospitality, Clarks Amer is known for its warm service and modern amenities. The rooms are well-appointed, and the hotel offers a range of dining options, including an award-winning rooftop restaurant. With a pool, spa, and proximity to the airport, Clarks Amer ensures a comfortable and convenient stay.

Contact: 072404 18883

Website: https://www.hotelclarks.com/amer-jaipur/ 

*The closest Hotel to Jaipur International Airport*

6. Rambagh Palace – A Royal Retreat

Rambagh Palace Jaipur
Image Courtesy: Veronique Savigné

Once the residence of the Maharaja of Jaipur, Rambagh Palace is now a luxurious Taj hotel. Set amidst lush gardens, this opulent property is a true embodiment of regal grandeur. The rooms and suites are adorned with intricate details and provide a glimpse into the city’s royal past. The personalized service and fine dining at Suvarna Mahal make Rambagh Palace a top choice for a lavish stay.

Contact: 0141 667 1234

Website: Rambagh Palace

*Rambagh Palace is considered as the World’s No.1 Hotel*

5. The Oberoi Rajvilas – Serenity Amidst Luxury 

Oberoi Rajvillas - Jaipur Hotels
Image Courtesy: The Oberoi Rajvillas

Nestled in 32 acres of landscaped gardens, The Oberoi Rajvilas offers a tranquil escape while being close to the city’s attractions. The architecture reflects the regal heritage of Rajasthan, with pink lime plaster and decorative frescoes. Guests can indulge in spa treatments, dine at the Surya Mahal restaurant, and relax in luxurious villas with private pools, ensuring a rejuvenating stay.

Contact: 0141 268 0101

Website: The Oberoi Rajvillas

*The Oberoi Rajvillas is home to a 280 year old Shiva Temple*

4. Samode Haveli – Tranquil Oasis

Samode Haveli - Jaipur Hotels
Image Courtesy: Hoprico 

A heritage hotel that captures the essence of Rajasthan’s rich cultural heritage, Samode Haveli is a gem in the heart of Jaipur. The Haveli boasts intricately carved arches, stunning courtyards, and beautifully decorated rooms. The heritage pool, lush gardens, and personalized service create an intimate and authentic Rajasthani experience.

Contact: 0141 263 2370

Website: Samode Haveli

*Renowned for its exotic Rajasthani foods*

3. ITC Rajputana, Jaipur – Modern Comfort in a Royal Setting

ITC Rajputana Jaipur
Image Courtesy: ITC Rajputana, Jaipur 

Located in the heart of the city, ITC Rajputana offers a perfect blend of traditional Rajasthani hospitality and modern luxury. The hotel’s architecture is inspired by the regal history of Rajasthan, and the rooms are elegantly designed. Guests can savor a range of culinary delights at the fine dining restaurants, unwind at the spa, and experience the warmth of Rajasthani hospitality.

Contact: 0141 405 1600

Website: ITC Rajputana, Jaipur

*Must try the Kaya Kalp Spa*

2. Fairmont Jaipur – Modern Luxury with a Rajasthani Touch

Fairmont - Jaipur Hotels
Image Courtesy: Fairmont Jaipur, India 

Perched on the outskirts of Jaipur, Fairmont is a palatial hotel that combines traditional Rajasthani architecture with modern amenities. The grandeur of the property is reflected in its sprawling courtyards, intricately carved interiors, and plush rooms. With multiple dining options, a spa, and a stunning outdoor pool, Fairmont promises a luxurious and relaxing stay.

Contact: 01426 420 000

Website: Fairmont Jaipur

*The beauty of the Aravalli Hills is seen in all 199 rooms*

1. Jai Mahal Palace – Tranquillity in the heart of the city

Image Courtesy: Jai Mahal Palace 

Set amidst 18 acres of landscaped Mughal gardens, Jai Mahal Palace is a heritage property that exudes elegance and charm. The rooms and suites are a blend of traditional Rajasthani décor and modern comforts. The hotel’s stunning architecture, including a 260-year-old Shiva temple, adds to the overall experience, making it a haven of tranquility in the bustling city.

Contact: +911416480442

Website: Jai Mahal Palace

*Houses an old meteorological observatory for some fun time*

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