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What to Wear for a Photoshoot in Goa?

One of the most frequently asked questions about photoshoots is “What do I wear?”. The answer to this is not really simple, as what you need to wear depends on various factors like age,location,purpose etc but here is a list of a few things that one should consider when deciding on what to wear to make sure you look the best in your photo shoots.

5. Stick to Monochrome Colours 

Monochrome colours are by far the safest colours to choose as they complement every kind of skin tone and are never out of fashion. Team them up with your classic backdrop and you are guaranteed to look at your best.

Image Courtesy: Lokaso Goa

4. Deck out with some Accessories

Accessories go a long way in enhancing the overall look of the person, experiment with some sunglasses to give your photos a personalised and very chic look!

Image Courtesy: Lokaso Goa

3. Wear Coordinated Outfits 

There’s nothing worse than having an uncoordinated look. It makes one look out of sync with the latest trends. If you are not sure about which colours compliment each other then take the help of the colour wheel tool and you will never go wrong. Matching T-shirts are the in thing right now for couples and so many couples prefer wearing matching outfits for their photoshoot.

Image Courtesy: Lokaso Goa

2. Stripes All The Way!

Try wearing a nice striped tee with some trousers and pair it with opposite colours for your partner. Different looks give the photoshoot a cooler touch. After all, what could go wrong with striped outfits?

Image Courtesy: Lokaso Goa

1. Consider a theme 

Having a theme for your photoshoot is the easiest way to narrow down on your clothing options. Shooting at the beach? All you need is some beachwear. On the streets? Then a few contemporary pieces of streetwear will do. Just make sure you follow the basic standards to avoid committing a faux pas.

Image Courtesy: Lokaso Goa

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