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Ferry Ride In Goa: Everything You Need To Know

Have you ever thought of crossing the inland rivers with ease whilst you sit back in your car along with your kith and kin? No, We ain’t talking about chaffeurs but Goa’s very own Ferry Boat Rides. Savouring the undisturbed scenery, taking time to relax while travelling at a pleasant pace is most commuters’ Ferry Tale in Goa (Pun intended  :-P)

Why a Ferry Ride in Goa?

A Ferry ride in Goa is perfect for those people who want to see Goa in its real and rural form. The red-orange sunsets illuminating narrow inlets and weathered Portuguese houses in hinterlands are some of the most common sights while riding across in a Ferry boat. The Ferry Rides in Goa were primarily started as a lifeline that connects various regions that do not have direct or quicker access by roads. 

It’s Free!

Doesn’t matter if you’re a regular commuter or an occasional tourist, Ferry Rides in Goa are totally free as long as you’re on foot. Got a bike or car too along with you? Fear Not! 🙂 With just a meagre amount of money like Rs.20-50, you can reach the remote coastal villages in Goa that is either difficult or impossible to reach by other means. These flat-bottomed boats take in almost everyone and everything. From laymen with their daily wares to tourists with their bustling motorbikes, the ferries can help you reach the countryside of Goa in no time.

7 Important Ferry Routes in Goa

We at Lokaso went ahead and compiled the 7 most important ferry boat rides in Goa. These inland water routes are both geographically significant and visually brilliant. P.S. Do not miss our local tips at the end of the video 😉 

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Featured Image: Sunset Ferry from Chorao shot by Raj Malhotra

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