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5 Unknown Islands In Goa For A Memorable Escape From Reality

Featured Image: Vanxim Island Goa Shot by Rajdeep Gosavi

Looking for a romantic escape and an enchanting holiday experience? Goa, the popular pick among the honeymooners will definitely not disappoint you. For some, Goa is the dream place for lazy days, hanging hammocks and a nice book. While for the rest, it is about long walks, beautiful sunsets and equally stunning sunrises. Most are unaware that this beachy destination has a number of small islands that totally redefine tranquility. Here are the 5 amazing islands in Goa that will put an end to your quest for unforgettable moments with your beloved.

1. Pequeno (Bat Island), Goa

Located just a kilometer away from Baina beach in Vasco, this island is the perfect place for those who want adventures and rocky beaches. With pure serenity all around, the Bat Island is a haven welcoming you with deep blue waters and scenic views. Just sit and relax with your friends over a campfire and few songs on its beach and celebrate those good old days. You can also plan to check something off your bucket list by going for a watersport within the premises of this island. 

How to Reach there: Head to the Vasco da Gama harbor and you can find numerous boatmen over there who can reach you to the island. Make sure you get your local guide or friend along to converse with them in the local language. Or, You could simply book yourself a boat tour through any operator to save you all this trouble  😛 

Must-do things: The Pequeno island along with its close companion, ‘The Grande Island or Ilha Grande’ are the most sought after location to indulge in Snorkeling in Goa. The training and equipment for this are usually provided by the tour organizers and operators. Each trip can cost you anywhere around Rs.1500-2000 per person. 

Bat Island Goa (Grande Island / Ilha Grande)

Credits: Goan Photos


2. Conco (Monkey Island), Agonda, Goa

The Conco Island is a wooded island, which is pre-aged to the bay of Palolem. Getting its name from the Taluka it is situated in, Canacona, this island is quite the head-turner in South Goa for island hopping. Interestingly, it is also called as the Monkey Island as it was inhabited by monkeys that lived in the adjacent forests. Many say that they can still spot a handsome number of monkeys hovering around the island’s coconut grove. 

How to Reach there: You can take a 20 minute boat ride from Agonda Beach, which is the most proximate location. Or you can also reach there by hiring boats from Palolem. Most of the boats from there moor towards the Butterfly Island frequently and Conco island being its neighbour, is just a 5-10 minute ride from the former. 

Must-do things: A short swim over here during the low tides followed by a small dosage of sun bathing can give you brand new holiday goals in Goa.

Conco Island or Monkey Island, Agonda, Goa

Credits: Dhanush Shetty

3. Raneache Zuvem, Revora, Goa

Revora is a small village in the Bardez Taluka of Northern Goa. Locally called as the Zuvem (island in Konkani), this island is just the place to fade into the sunset. The island stretches over a length of 1.5 km, but at the broadest it’s probably just half a kilometre. Lying broadside of mainland, the Zuvem floats on the Chapora river and stretches like a plantation with a thick canopy of trees, a few houses peeking through the foliage. That’s what you call a perfect view, right?  😉 

How to Reach there: Unlike other islands, which are some distance away from the mainland, this one is just off Revora but part of Nadora panchayat. This makes it very easy to reach once you manage to find your way to the quaint Revora Bridge.

Must do things: Watching Sunsets from the bridge along the backwaters of Revora

4. Vanxim Island, North Goa

Alone and forgotten lay a deserted island on the banks of River Mandovi not measuring more than a few square kilometers. Ilha de Capao (Island of Capao) or Vanxim as it is locally called. Get lost in the absolute silence amidst an island that Goa forgot. The island is pretty much unheard of and in fact off the map. 

A church and a chapel built hundreds of years ago, a sea of mangroves, old Portuguese Goan houses surrounded by lush greenery and lots of peace are what this little island has to offer.

How to Reach there: After reaching Divar, take a ferry to get across the Mandovi river to reach Vanxim. Beyond that you will have to traverse the island on foot as the roads for the most parts don’t exist or have broken down.

Must do things: Sunset ferries from Divar to Vanxim are one of the most amazing visual treats one has to experience when in Goa. 


Fishermen Boats at Vanxim Island, Goa

Credits: Herald Goa

5. São Jacinto Island, Goa

Last but not the least this island is one of the most exotic place situated in the south Goa. It is just a few kilometres from the Vasco city. People say that somewhere in the 20th century, the San Jacinto inhabitants made a vow never to give the island on a lease and let companies disturb the island’s ecosystem. That is why till date, this small island is a lovely green area preserving the purity and charm that it used to possess ages back too. Legend also says that the underground tunnel from the island connects the old chapel with Siridao Beach resort, which is located on the far bank of Mormugao Bay.

How to Reach there: Jacinto is connected with the mainland by the bridge with name of Silver Gate Bridge. Ride along the NH-17 Vasco – Panaji coastal highway and you will find this picturesque island floating a mile away from Vasco City.

Must do things: A romantic walk or a boat ride across the perimeter of the island. Also, do not miss the panoramic view from the lighthouse. 

Aerial View of the Sao Jacinto Island, Goa

Credits: Cajetan Barretto

Silver Gate Bridge at the Sao Jacinto Island, Goa

Credits: The Goan

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